Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bum Shoulder

How goes it then?  It sounds like everybody is doing pretty well.  This week I got the pictures back from my shoulder and something is definitely messed up.  What the doctors explained to me though is that I can't do any exercise until I get it operated on...I can't tell you how much that crushed me...and still is...but he said he will give me periodical cortisone shots which will help with the pain and if I don't work it, it wont get worse so for right now I wont be having any surgery which is really good news.  

Groitzsch is green again!  It is so nice to see green fields and not just a ton of water everywhere.  There are some spots that are flooded but everything is for the most part cleaned up!  It's been warm and humid here (almost got to 40° C with humidity).  

This is my companion!  I now know how to throw cards super far!

Right now for investigators we have a Catholic Father that we found who is actually progressing and a couple others who are progressing slowly.  Faith is always the first step towards success!  Everything will happen through faith!

I love you! 

sElder Hays

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