Monday, May 26, 2014


It was so funny.  The other day I went on exchanges with a missionary serving in Brandenburg who is about to go home.  We both came to my area to work here in Neukölln, we get out of the underground train and the first words that come out of his mouth were, 'Are we still in Germany?'  It was so great...I love my area but we are not in Germany haha.
So N**** will be baptized on Sunday!  We are really excited for him to make this step and I am grateful that Elder Lloyd and I were able to help him get there.  There were many missionaries who have played a part in his conversion and that is amazing to see where he now is. 
We are meeting this week as zone leaders with President Dykes from the 70 Presidency.  It will be interesting to report on our zone's progress and weaknesses.  I am really excited to see exactly what we need to improve from his point of view. 
This last week has been full of meetings and visiting other district meetings, exchanges with other missionaries and of course work :)  We had more success this week than last week which is always an energy booster but I have never been more tired in my life.  I feel like we are on the phone a ton and have little time to focus on our own area.  It is okay because I know the position and what I am expected to do so I will give my all and do more that what is expected of me.  President Kosak talked about that and I really liked it.  Just going beyond what you are expected to do and to blaze a path of example to others. 
We are reading the Book of Mormon together as a mission right now and plan on being finished by the end of August.  Wanna do it with us?  I have now read the Book of Mormon 3 times on my mission from beginning to end and have come to the conclusion that it is STILL true.  I can't wait for my next conformation.  I love studying the bible as well.  It is full of information that many don't see but the more you read it and the more you pray for inspiration, the more you will understand and pull out.  Joseph Smith said that the book of Revelations was one of the most plain and simple books or something and I don't know if I can understand it like that yet but it is getting easier! 
I am loving my mission.  Going hard but doing it smart.  Pure joy :)
I sent some pictures of places we have visited and other random things and thank you for sending the information mom!  It's perfect. 
I hope you are all doing well and know that I am :) 
Love, Elder Hays

Check Point Charlie

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hard Work

So first off I have a question...could you email me pictures of you two (my parents), my grandparents and great grandparents on both sides?  Not of them together but seperate pictures of them and maybe just a short 2 paragraph memory of them?  A story or something?  We have been asked to prepare a booklet with information and pictures of them all.  Thanks!
So we now have 9 baptismal dates in our zone!  It is so cool!  We had a GREAT zone training meeting on Wednesday where Elder Lloyd and myself taught about how to teach and not just talk to people on the street.  The Sister training leaders taught about the doctrine of Christ and how it motivates us to do every thing with missionary work.  Then we had another motivational talk.  It was really great. 
Elder Lloyd and I have made out 2 baptismal dates in our area in the last 2 weeks and one of them is on the 31st of May!  We are really excited for him because he is really strong in faith.  We had a great Sunday yesterday and I am getting to know the members a little bit better so it is good.  I am really excited to work with all of the young people in the ward.  I have really learned to love the teenagers here in Germany because they really go through a lot of crap here. 
I am doing well, stressed, busy but happy :)  I swear, the more you work and harder you work, the more happier you will be.  That is what President Kimball said, is that work is the medicine of all doubts and sorrow.  HIT THE PAVEMENT AND GO.  Thank you Grandpa for following up on that though. 
For P-Day today we are going to checkpoint Charlie and a Jewish Museum.  It will be a lot of fun and I am really excited to see it.  
I love you all and thank you for all of your prayers. 
Love, Elder Hays.

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Area - Neukölln New Companion - Elder Lloyd

But Mother's day is over now so no more celebrating.  Just kidding!  It sounded like you were all doing well and healthy!  That is super good to hear.  You all looked so grown up!  (Mom didn't). 

That will be the last time that we skype so we will see you soon!  I can't wait. 
We had a really good week in the Zone.  We made out 5 baptismal dates in the last week and we are really progressing.  We have a Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday which we are looking forward to and are excited for.  Today is P-day and we are going to see a couple of things in Berlin and also we are having interviews with President.

I am getting settled in here in Neukölln super well and had a great time at church yesterday.  The ward is super good and the Ward Mission Leader is even better.

I feel like I told you everything yesterday but just want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day mom.  I hope you had a special day because you are a special person!  Special special. After we got done skyping at the Schneider's home we got to have some cake and got to talk.  It was a good day.

Well!  I love you all and am grateful for your prayers!

Elder Hays

Elder Breitenstein waited at the train station to say goodbye before he had his Exit Interview.

New Companion, Elder Lloyd 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Baptism and a transfer

My time here in Pinneberg is over.  I have been TRANSFERED.  I didn't tell anybody about it until they announced it in Sacrament Meeting and the whole ward gasped.  I got super super close to the people here and I will send some pictures along with this email.  I felt apart of the family here and got a lot of hugs yesterday.  We are still visiting a couple of other people today who I wanted to see before I leave and then it is off to my new area!  It's crazy.  

I gave my testimony in sacrament meeting about the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Everytime that I study about this great man of God and the divinity of his mission, I cry like a little baby.  Before church on Sunday I watched the Joseph Smith movie and just bawled throughout.  I love the Prophet and am grateful for his dedication to his Savior.  

Well I was transfered to Berlin.  The area of Neukölln.  I will be the Zone Leader there in Berlin and am super excited.  I had a really hard day yesterday because of a bunch of things that I found out and things that people had shared with me but I am looking to the future and am excited.  

R****** got baptized yesterday :)  It was a great experience for us all.  Elder Liddiard baptized her and I got to just enjoy the whole thing.  She was so prepared and was very careful to identify her feelings.  She felt the Holy Ghost from day one, quit smoking after 40 years of it and made this wonderful covenant with her Heavenly Father.  I am happy that I was able to see her do it.  

I cut my own hair last week so today Sister Turner is coming to 'fix' it. haha  I thought I was really good at it but I guess I got a little lazy with the trimmers.  


The big 18 now.  Crazy.  I swear you were 4 yesterday.  

I am doing well and enjoying my mission:)  I think that's it, not just working hard and going all out and doing what your supposed to but enjoying it.  Looking at the small things, taking life step for step.  Climbing a tree in your suit because it makes you giggle.  Oh missionaries.  

I love you all!  I think the best time to skype would be at 8 o'clock your time or so.  So you can get to church and stuff.  I hope that is okay.  You will have to send me your skype name again so I can find you and call you.  

Can't wait to see you all!  This will be the last skype session before I see you for REALS!  

Elder Liddiard:)

Saying Goodbye to great people in Pinneberg

Coordinating outfits with Sister Rassmussen

Love, Elder Hays