Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello my great family! 

I am grateful for the Christmas tree that you have sent me:)  It is lighting up the night!  Transfers were yesterday and Elder Young and I will be staying together in Dresden for another transfer!  We are just killing it here in Dresden together so it will be another great one. 
To answer your question, I am doing better than I ever have!  I am so happy.  Pure joy :D  We, as a ward celebrated thanksgiving on Saturday!  It was a great activity with investigators and members bringing friends!  One of the girls that a member brought, came to church and accepted the first lesson. 

It was a great day. 

All of Dresden is staying the same this transfer so we can get right to work :) 

This week we had an interesting experience.  At the beginning of the week, we didn't have a lot of investigators; we had friends who came to activities but have never really showed interest.  We then set the goal to have 5 baptismal dates made out for the week.  We made it with a lot of fasting and prayer.  We prepared our selves mentally and spiritually for it.  We dove into the week full force and had appointments fall out for the first couple of days.  It was dissapointing but we didn't lose the faith in our goal.  Before the week started we had prayed for who we should invite and in what way.  We had our prayers answered and we really just made sure that we didn't want just the number, but that these people really meant a lot to us in our lives and that was our motivation to help them.  This number was just to push us to be bold.  At the end of the week we had three.  We made a date out with H**, W*** and Ch*****.  These people throughout this week have grown in my heart.  Even though we didn't reach our goal, if we hadn't set the goal, these people wouldn't be on the way to finding the joy of the gospel.  We were taught a big lesson this week and can't wait for this next transfer to work. 

Pertaining to your lesson that you have to teach, I would talk about Joseph and Hyrum Smith.  Read their testimonies.  Read the testimonies that others said about them.  You can also talk about Paul and his mission as an apostle.  Standing as a Witness of Christ is acting, in a way that people know what decisions you make and what kind of person you are. Elder Young is doing great!  He is finished with his training and we get to go hard this transfer! 


I love you all!  
Elder Hays

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Faith is an ATTITUDE. It is a state of mind

I live in Dresden...that's cool right?  I forget sometimes.  Utah is kinda cool I guess....(pff)  Anyways.

ALEX ROSS.  I love him.  I will see you soon my friend!  I feel like I will be the same way.  haha you might be in for a treat.

Church was good!  We had stake conference here and we had a friend come with us named H***.  He is so awesome and just fantastic.  We are trying to help him realize how much the gospel means to us.  The whole meeting was about missionary work and the Stake President, Temple President, and President Kosak were there on the stand.  Talk about power in Dresden.  Well, they basically converted thousands to missionary work, made many cry and motivated many in faith.  It was a great meeting.

On Thursday we had district meeting.  I started off introducing prayer and how it can affect ourselves maybe even more than it would influence our investigators.  Prayer is talking with God at the table at the end of the day, discussing what we should do the following afternoon.  Elder Young and I had a special experience with prayer this week.  It happened actually yesterday.  We were discussing what we would do with one of our investigators, this specific person was great and loving but needed to develop more interest in the Gospel.  He is one of our best friends.  I have never heard a better prayer in humility and love from my companion.  He looked at me after wiping tears from his face, and told me that he saw this person with his future wife and kid in white.  We both savored the moment, the spirit rested upon us as we planned for this person to progress and what we could do.  I love Elder Young and what he teaches me.

If you haven't sent the package yet, I need shoes...My nikes have no sole anymore.  The bottom is completely ripped from the rest of the shoe.  RIP.  Everything else is good I think.  Indoor soccer shoes would be best.  A calendar with pictures would make my life :)

Want to know something funny?  So it is a holiday tomorrow...Repentance day!  How great is that?!  Going hard tomorrow.  The next transfer is this Saturday!  Elder Young and I will probably stay together which is fantastic.

I found a sling the other day!  It feels great!  Until I take it off at night and then the pain doubles, and the fact that I look like a cripple trying to talk to people about joy haha.  It's fun.  I try to just wear it around the house and then take it off when I go out.

I have had a lot of sacred experiences with my Heavenly Father this week.  He has really shown His love to me.  I have learned that Faith is an ATTITUDE.  It is a state of mind.  EVERY missionary was called to baptize.  The Lord sent us here to change lives and it is through the church.  We can come home at the end of the day and say we gave out a lot of Books of Mormon, or we talked to a ton of people; President Kimball once talked about not making those excuses.  He said that we are sent to succeed.  Once we make an excuse, or faith to baptize flies away.  Doubt cannot be in the same mind as faith.  They contradict each other.  One ounce of doubt chases faith away.  Once we learn that faith is full knowledge, we will practice it more and realize that it works.  Don't make excuses and don't doubt. HAPPY    XD

I love you guys and tell everyone I said Hi!!  I hope you have a magnanimous week.

Love, Elder Hays

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Gospel brings true joy

Well family...I love this work more than anything in this work...

Elder Young and I have struggled these past couple of weeks finding new investigators.  We have gotten a lot of contacts that we can stop by but just not a lot of interest.  We have planned for the last few weeks for a baptismal date.  We didn't know who it would be but it would be someone that we had found that week.  

Well, on Sunday, a newly activated member brought a friend of hers to church.  His name is C***** and he had come a couple of times to Family Home Evening before I came to Dresden but became to busy to come anymore.  He was given a Book of Mormon and a short explanation of what it is.  

He came to church in nice clothes and we took him and the member into a room and started with a lesson.  I had no idea that he was going to show up so I didn't have anything prepared.  I thought to my self though...I thought about what Joseph Smith had said, he said that he was the smartest man on the world, not because of his worldly knowledge, but because the Holy Ghost gives him Godly knowledge.  I know that I have the Holy Ghost and that through that power, I can teach this man the word of God.  This gave me confidence and swept my fear away.  We asked him how much he had read in the Book of Mormon and he had read the whole book of 1st Nephi!  I was impressed.  We bore testimony about the power of reading in the Book of Mormon and why the things that are in it are so important.  I asked L**** (the member) to give testimony about how she came to find out if it was true.  She talked about a power that she felt.  Very simple and straight forward testimony.  I then had the prompting to just read.  I asked L***** to pick out her favorite scripture.  She picked out 2 Nephi 4 because that is what we had done in institute that week.  I had the impression to not  expound on what we had read.  Even after we finished, I looked at Christian and he was just staring at the book.  There was silence for about 30 seconds when I asked him what it would mean to him if the book was true.  He said everything.  His search would be over.  I then explained that if this book was true, the church is true and that Joseph Smith is in reality a Prophet of God.  I invited him to follow Moroni's promise in praying if the book was true, we gave testimony and I invited him to be baptized, when he finds out that the Book is true.  He accepted for the 8th of December.  It was a great faith builder.  He is prepared.

This week I have studied a lot about Baptism. I thought a lot about what people have said about it.  Prophets namely.  Joseph Smith, Malachi and Paul.  Baptism is essential to our eternal salvation in this life.  In order to reach eternal exhaltation, we need to have baptism.  Baptisms for the dead are giving these people salvation, literally saving them.  Paul is not saved without the baptismal ordinance that we have to do on this earth.  Like Malachi says, the hearts of the fathers will be turned to the children and children to the fathers, that they without us, cannot be made perfect, neither can we without our dead be made perfect.  "There must be a welded link of some kind or other between the fathers and the children; what is that subject? It is the baptisms for the dead.  For we without them cannot be made perfect; neither can they without us be made perfect." (Joseph Smith)  A baptism for a dead person is the same as baptizing someone as a missionary.  It is the salvation of a soul.  Save someone who needs it, someone who has waited for centuries, someone who has accepted the gospel in the Heavens above.  Do it this week and as much as you can. 
Ahh man.  The Gospel is happiness.  Sure life is hard and people die and there are challenges.  Rely on the Gospel.  It brings true JOY.  Charity, love, longsuffering and gentleness come from the servants of the Lord who are one in Zion.  Be happy because the Gospel is happy.  

Be strong because Christ was. 

Love you:)

Elder Hays

PS  My shoulder is good.  My bands that hold my shoulder in place are loose and enable my shoulder to sit out of socket at every moment.  Through that comes pain.  I know my body and I know what I can handle.  I am doing fantastic:)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

so happy . . .

Well another week just gone by.  It goes by too fast.

I am so happy.  We have had the coolest experiences this week!  It has just been fantastic.  We have been trying to teach a young man named H** N*****.  He has been progressing little by little.  We play basketball with him and his friends at the park before lessons which is great for all of us.  One thing that has been really bothering us about his progression is the fact that he had been to so many FHE activities and Institute but never to church!  We had set the goal the day before to invite him and commit him to come to church the next day.  I usually have no problem being pretty bold and asking people to commit to different things but I just wasn't feeling the Holy Ghost there.  I have come to learn that not much gets done with out Him.  So I waited.  Elder Young talked with him a little bit about his beliefs and things but the feeling just wasn't right to invite him.  I was honestly confused.  We then started walking back to our trains to head home when 2 young single adults came walking into our path.  Daniel L. (RM) and Melonie.  Both very strong members of our church and both the same age as H*** (22).  We talked for 5 min and said that we would see them tomorrow.  Melonie then turned to Hai and asked if we will be seeing him tomorrow.  With a little encouragement, H** thought for a second and agreed that he should come.  He set his alarm on his phone in that moment and walked home feeling great.  Well, he came to church!  In a full out suit!  Looked pretty classy.  Daniel sat by him the whole time through all of the meetings and he really enjoyed it.  We then taught him the plan of salvation and he really enjoyed that as well.  MIRACLES HAPPEN.

One more...So as we were sitting there, helping H** get comfortable in the meeting, I looked up at the stand and saw D*** (the brother that I taught and baptized) sitting up at the stand in position to bless the sacrament!!!  I had no idea that he was going to do that this week!  He hadn't even passed the sacrament yet!  The meeting went on and he blessed the sacrament like he had done it for the passed 2 years.  I savored every second of the moment.  I can't believe how much the Lord has changed him and that I got to be apart of it and see every step of the way.  He looks pretty classy in a suit as well.  I found out later that the Elder Quorums president had taken it upon himself to teach him and get him up there as soon as possible.  I had no idea and am so grateful for the members that we have here. 

My shoulder well...I hate my shoulder but I don't because God gave it to me but I still wish I had another one haha.  I saw the doctor yesterday in Leipzig.  He is a shoulder surgeon.  He was super nice and knew exactly what was wrong and gave me two options to do.  I didn't even care what the options were!  I was just happy that someone could give me an answer!  It took 3 hours of testing though...He told me that I could get surgery and everything would be okay.  I would just have to go home for 4-5 months.  The other answer was to start a muscle building plan to help support my shoulder.  I agreed with the latter.  SHOULDER DON'T PHASE ME!!  I am talking to President on Wednesday about what will take place.  Grateful for all of your prayers.  I love you and hope that you have a wunderschönen Tag :)

Elder Häis