Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Faith is an ATTITUDE. It is a state of mind

I live in Dresden...that's cool right?  I forget sometimes.  Utah is kinda cool I guess....(pff)  Anyways.

ALEX ROSS.  I love him.  I will see you soon my friend!  I feel like I will be the same way.  haha you might be in for a treat.

Church was good!  We had stake conference here and we had a friend come with us named H***.  He is so awesome and just fantastic.  We are trying to help him realize how much the gospel means to us.  The whole meeting was about missionary work and the Stake President, Temple President, and President Kosak were there on the stand.  Talk about power in Dresden.  Well, they basically converted thousands to missionary work, made many cry and motivated many in faith.  It was a great meeting.

On Thursday we had district meeting.  I started off introducing prayer and how it can affect ourselves maybe even more than it would influence our investigators.  Prayer is talking with God at the table at the end of the day, discussing what we should do the following afternoon.  Elder Young and I had a special experience with prayer this week.  It happened actually yesterday.  We were discussing what we would do with one of our investigators, this specific person was great and loving but needed to develop more interest in the Gospel.  He is one of our best friends.  I have never heard a better prayer in humility and love from my companion.  He looked at me after wiping tears from his face, and told me that he saw this person with his future wife and kid in white.  We both savored the moment, the spirit rested upon us as we planned for this person to progress and what we could do.  I love Elder Young and what he teaches me.

If you haven't sent the package yet, I need shoes...My nikes have no sole anymore.  The bottom is completely ripped from the rest of the shoe.  RIP.  Everything else is good I think.  Indoor soccer shoes would be best.  A calendar with pictures would make my life :)

Want to know something funny?  So it is a holiday tomorrow...Repentance day!  How great is that?!  Going hard tomorrow.  The next transfer is this Saturday!  Elder Young and I will probably stay together which is fantastic.

I found a sling the other day!  It feels great!  Until I take it off at night and then the pain doubles, and the fact that I look like a cripple trying to talk to people about joy haha.  It's fun.  I try to just wear it around the house and then take it off when I go out.

I have had a lot of sacred experiences with my Heavenly Father this week.  He has really shown His love to me.  I have learned that Faith is an ATTITUDE.  It is a state of mind.  EVERY missionary was called to baptize.  The Lord sent us here to change lives and it is through the church.  We can come home at the end of the day and say we gave out a lot of Books of Mormon, or we talked to a ton of people; President Kimball once talked about not making those excuses.  He said that we are sent to succeed.  Once we make an excuse, or faith to baptize flies away.  Doubt cannot be in the same mind as faith.  They contradict each other.  One ounce of doubt chases faith away.  Once we learn that faith is full knowledge, we will practice it more and realize that it works.  Don't make excuses and don't doubt.  and....be HAPPY    XD

I love you guys and tell everyone I said Hi!!  I hope you have a magnanimous week.

Love, Elder Hays

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