Wednesday, November 6, 2013

so happy . . .

Well another week just gone by.  It goes by too fast.

I am so happy.  We have had the coolest experiences this week!  It has just been fantastic.  We have been trying to teach a young man named H** N*****.  He has been progressing little by little.  We play basketball with him and his friends at the park before lessons which is great for all of us.  One thing that has been really bothering us about his progression is the fact that he had been to so many FHE activities and Institute but never to church!  We had set the goal the day before to invite him and commit him to come to church the next day.  I usually have no problem being pretty bold and asking people to commit to different things but I just wasn't feeling the Holy Ghost there.  I have come to learn that not much gets done with out Him.  So I waited.  Elder Young talked with him a little bit about his beliefs and things but the feeling just wasn't right to invite him.  I was honestly confused.  We then started walking back to our trains to head home when 2 young single adults came walking into our path.  Daniel L. (RM) and Melonie.  Both very strong members of our church and both the same age as H*** (22).  We talked for 5 min and said that we would see them tomorrow.  Melonie then turned to Hai and asked if we will be seeing him tomorrow.  With a little encouragement, H** thought for a second and agreed that he should come.  He set his alarm on his phone in that moment and walked home feeling great.  Well, he came to church!  In a full out suit!  Looked pretty classy.  Daniel sat by him the whole time through all of the meetings and he really enjoyed it.  We then taught him the plan of salvation and he really enjoyed that as well.  MIRACLES HAPPEN.

One more...So as we were sitting there, helping H** get comfortable in the meeting, I looked up at the stand and saw D*** (the brother that I taught and baptized) sitting up at the stand in position to bless the sacrament!!!  I had no idea that he was going to do that this week!  He hadn't even passed the sacrament yet!  The meeting went on and he blessed the sacrament like he had done it for the passed 2 years.  I savored every second of the moment.  I can't believe how much the Lord has changed him and that I got to be apart of it and see every step of the way.  He looks pretty classy in a suit as well.  I found out later that the Elder Quorums president had taken it upon himself to teach him and get him up there as soon as possible.  I had no idea and am so grateful for the members that we have here. 

My shoulder well...I hate my shoulder but I don't because God gave it to me but I still wish I had another one haha.  I saw the doctor yesterday in Leipzig.  He is a shoulder surgeon.  He was super nice and knew exactly what was wrong and gave me two options to do.  I didn't even care what the options were!  I was just happy that someone could give me an answer!  It took 3 hours of testing though...He told me that I could get surgery and everything would be okay.  I would just have to go home for 4-5 months.  The other answer was to start a muscle building plan to help support my shoulder.  I agreed with the latter.  SHOULDER DON'T PHASE ME!!  I am talking to President on Wednesday about what will take place.  Grateful for all of your prayers.  I love you and hope that you have a wunderschönen Tag :)

Elder Häis

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