Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello my great family! 

I am grateful for the Christmas tree that you have sent me:)  It is lighting up the night!  Transfers were yesterday and Elder Young and I will be staying together in Dresden for another transfer!  We are just killing it here in Dresden together so it will be another great one. 
To answer your question, I am doing better than I ever have!  I am so happy.  Pure joy :D  We, as a ward celebrated thanksgiving on Saturday!  It was a great activity with investigators and members bringing friends!  One of the girls that a member brought, came to church and accepted the first lesson. 

It was a great day. 

All of Dresden is staying the same this transfer so we can get right to work :) 

This week we had an interesting experience.  At the beginning of the week, we didn't have a lot of investigators; we had friends who came to activities but have never really showed interest.  We then set the goal to have 5 baptismal dates made out for the week.  We made it with a lot of fasting and prayer.  We prepared our selves mentally and spiritually for it.  We dove into the week full force and had appointments fall out for the first couple of days.  It was dissapointing but we didn't lose the faith in our goal.  Before the week started we had prayed for who we should invite and in what way.  We had our prayers answered and we really just made sure that we didn't want just the number, but that these people really meant a lot to us in our lives and that was our motivation to help them.  This number was just to push us to be bold.  At the end of the week we had three.  We made a date out with H**, W*** and Ch*****.  These people throughout this week have grown in my heart.  Even though we didn't reach our goal, if we hadn't set the goal, these people wouldn't be on the way to finding the joy of the gospel.  We were taught a big lesson this week and can't wait for this next transfer to work. 

Pertaining to your lesson that you have to teach, I would talk about Joseph and Hyrum Smith.  Read their testimonies.  Read the testimonies that others said about them.  You can also talk about Paul and his mission as an apostle.  Standing as a Witness of Christ is acting, in a way that people know what decisions you make and what kind of person you are. Elder Young is doing great!  He is finished with his training and we get to go hard this transfer! 


I love you all!  
Elder Hays

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