Monday, June 24, 2013

Apparently, Elder Hays can no longer think, write or speak in his native English after 6 months in Germany......hmmmm

Diese Woche ist seemlich gut gegangen.  Ich habe nicht so viel daruber zu reden aber ich kann ein paar dinge erklären.  Wir haben viel diese woche mit Br. Me*** gearbeitet und ihm geholfen.  Er braucht eifach etwas zu tun so wir haben ihn eine Aufgabe gegeben wo er ein Lektion zu ein Mitglied belehren konnte.  Er hat fein gemacht mit Schriftstellen und er hat notietzen aufgeschrieben, es war einfach super. 

Gestern hatten wir besuch von dem Freiberg Temple Präsident.  Her kam and gab ein unglaubliche Theme über was passieren wird nach diesem Leben.  Wir saßen in ein Kreis und wir stellten Fragen vor.  Er hat der Geist bei ihm und wir konnten es ganz stark fühlen.  Er hat so viele Antworten gegeben die unserer Mitglied wirklich brauchte. 
Sorry for speaking in German.  It's getting hard to speak and think in english.  Loosing lots of words haha.

Trotzdem, Trevor...Gehorsam ist der Erste Gesetz des Himmels...aber...Ich freue mich zu hören das alles wieder Gerade ist.

Das Wasser ist mehr zurück gegangen.  Wir dienen immernoch aber.  Es gibt ein Paar dinge der wir immernoch tun mussen mit aufraumen und so was aber es ist am meistens zurück.

Am Donnerstag besuchten wir eine Beerdegung.  Er war ein Freund von Enrico und die Muttie hat uns eingeladed zu dieser Beerdegung.  Wir saßen in der Evangelishe Kirche und ein Pfarrer hat zu uns gesprochen.  Als ich diesen Worten gehört hatte, wollte ich erklären zu diese Leute, was passieren wird mit ihren Verwanter.  Diese Letzte Monat habe ich über Joseph Smith studiert.  Er hat vielen wunderbaren Ansprachen gegeben die ich nie gehört habe. 

Ich verpflichte euch seine Büche zu studieren, und was er gemacht hat. 
Ich kriege an MRT im zwei Wochen.  Es wird wahrscheinlich im Leipzig stattfinden.  Ich bete für euch und wünsche alles gute.

Elder Hays

(translation from Googletranslate)

This week has gone well seemlyI do not have so much to talk about it but I can explain a few thingsWe have worked a lot this week with Br Me*** and helped him. He needs eifach to do something so we gave him a job where he could teach a lesson to a member. He did fine with scriptures andhe wrote notietzenit was just great.

Yesterday we had visit from the Freiberg Temple PresidentCame forth and gave an incredible theme about what will happen after this lifeWe sat in a circle and we asked questions beforeHe has the spirit in him and we could feel it very stronglyHe has given so many answers that reallyneeded our member.

Sorry for speaking in GermanIt's getting hard to speak and think in englishLoosing lots of words haha.

NeverthelessTrevor ... Obedience is the first law of heaven ... but ... I am glad to hear that everything is straight.

The water is more declinedWe are still, however. There are a couple of things we need to do still with aufraumen and stuff but it is mostly back.

On Thursday we visited a BeerdegungHe was a friend of Enrico and the Muttie us has turned to Deinstall this BeerdegungWe sat in the Evangelic church and a pastor has spoken to usWhen I heard these words, I wanted to explain to these people what will happen with her VerwanterThis lastmonth I have been studying about Joseph Smith. He has given many wonderful speeches I have ever heardI enjoin you to study his Bücheand what he has done.

I get on MRI in two weeksIt will probably take place in Leipzig. I pray for you and wish you all the best.

Elder Hays

PS  the MRI on his shoulder is tomorrow:)  

Monday, June 17, 2013

and more service from Haysiebaby

This week we...Served...About the whole week.  It was a ton of stuff to clean up and some of the water is still just sitting there.  Seeing all of these people get kicked out of their homes and coming back to see that their home isn't even there anymore is very hard.  People have drowned in our area and it's not pretty here.  We talked to a lady whose son died and we are going to his funeral on Friday.  It's terrible to see all of this happen.  Luckily a couple of members were only evacuated but were able to go back home.  We have been cleaning out kellers with meters of water in them and trying to save whatever we can but most of it is being thrown in huge containers scattered aroung the communities.  That is about everything we have done this week.  

Oh yeah, I'm staying in Groitzsch!  That will be swell.  I was kinda expecting to go but maybe I need to do something else here.  We will see.

Enrico, Elder Künzle and I set some heavy goals for this transfer and are determined to see them through.

I want to wish mom a Happy Birthday!  Happy Anniversary to you both and also Happy Fathers Day Dad!  I hope you all had a fantastic time this past week.

My shoulder...well I don't know what's wrong but Dr. Ritter tested it this last week and was just talking to me about where it hurts and stuff.  Twisted it all over and turned around for a second, 3 seconds later turned back towards me( he was behind me) and just stabbed me in the back of my shoulder with a cortisone shot!  No telling me at all!  Jerk right?  Nah but it felt a little better.  It doesn't pop as much now which will help me concentrate during personal study more haha.  That was terrible.  Anyways I am supposed to get an MRI next week.  He is kind of telling me everything I need to do and to don't worry about it because he will take care of everything.  Amazing man.

I hope you are well!  I'm going to go buy some food for the week!


(nickname from the members)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Service in Groitzsch

This  Well this week we did nothing but service.  I put on suit pants for district meeting and for Sacrement and that is it.  My shoes are now ruined haha.  Wonderful.  We have treaded through water and have moved people from houses.  Lately we have been told to stand by this huge container and our job is to take the stuff that people bring to us that was in there house that is now ruined and to fill this container.  The people bring trailers full all day long and that is what we have been up to.  It's been wonderful.  

Elder Künzle and I will both be staying in Groitzsch together!   Half of the ward came up to me and said that they were praying that I would stay...I guess I am doing something right. 

Ahhhhh NBA Finals...I miss it so much.  LeBron rocking it up though!  Yeah buddy.  

This week a  few of the ward members threw me a party!  Sweet right...We had it in Enrico's garten and they made me a cake with an edible picture of me on it like it was scanned on there!  How cool is that!  Anyways, the Elders and Sisters from Halle came and we had just a grand old time.  Omi told some more stories and it was fun.  

That was the extent of our week.  Today, Elder Baker is headed home and a couple of my friends are getting transfered so we all met in Leipzig and hung out for P-Day.  It was a blast.  I love the missionaries here!  So blessed to be in this mission.  

Know that I thing about you daily and you're in my prayers at night.  I miss you! 

the Elder Hays

Monday, June 3, 2013


Well this week has been wonderfull!  Maybe wonderfull isn't the right word but whatever.  This week has been a week full of adventures!  Got to love those weeks right?  Man...Anyways...We have been teaching our new members this week about the temple and all of those wonderful things that come after being baptized!  They were both very excited about the temple and it is really cool to see the change in both of them as they keep progressing in the gospel. 
It has not stopped raining for about a week and a half here.  Like Florida rain.  Our area is now a beautiful lake...Our whole area....Of course I have pictures.  It is so flat here, that when we receive too much water, it builds up at the dam (not too far south from here) and builds up pretty fast.  We are now confined to Groitzsch because the roads are all covered in water (not kidding).  We can't leave Groitzsch and we had to get up super early this morning to go grocery shopping because everything would be gone if we would have waited.  It is apparently supposed to get worse and the water is now at 9 meters higher than usual.  It is supposed to get to about 12 by this afternoon.  We are waiting to hear if we are going to get evacuated to Leipzig or not.  Towns about 10km south of us have been evacuated and the water needs about 2-3 more meters to flood Groitzsch...we will see.

This was at the beginning and it is a lot worse now.  This is all over.  Our way home was blocked so we rode 2.5 hrs the other way in the rain on a dirt road home haha it was so wonderful!!!!

Sick right?  We said a lot of prayers that day haha

That is now our area :)  Talk to you next week!!  I love you!  Oh and read the Book of Mormon.  

Love you Bye!
Ich weiss es nicht ob ich versetzt werde.  Mahl sehen am Sonabend.  Bis nächste woche.