Monday, June 17, 2013

and more service from Haysiebaby

This week we...Served...About the whole week.  It was a ton of stuff to clean up and some of the water is still just sitting there.  Seeing all of these people get kicked out of their homes and coming back to see that their home isn't even there anymore is very hard.  People have drowned in our area and it's not pretty here.  We talked to a lady whose son died and we are going to his funeral on Friday.  It's terrible to see all of this happen.  Luckily a couple of members were only evacuated but were able to go back home.  We have been cleaning out kellers with meters of water in them and trying to save whatever we can but most of it is being thrown in huge containers scattered aroung the communities.  That is about everything we have done this week.  

Oh yeah, I'm staying in Groitzsch!  That will be swell.  I was kinda expecting to go but maybe I need to do something else here.  We will see.

Enrico, Elder Künzle and I set some heavy goals for this transfer and are determined to see them through.

I want to wish mom a Happy Birthday!  Happy Anniversary to you both and also Happy Fathers Day Dad!  I hope you all had a fantastic time this past week.

My shoulder...well I don't know what's wrong but Dr. Ritter tested it this last week and was just talking to me about where it hurts and stuff.  Twisted it all over and turned around for a second, 3 seconds later turned back towards me( he was behind me) and just stabbed me in the back of my shoulder with a cortisone shot!  No telling me at all!  Jerk right?  Nah but it felt a little better.  It doesn't pop as much now which will help me concentrate during personal study more haha.  That was terrible.  Anyways I am supposed to get an MRI next week.  He is kind of telling me everything I need to do and to don't worry about it because he will take care of everything.  Amazing man.

I hope you are well!  I'm going to go buy some food for the week!


(nickname from the members)

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