Monday, June 3, 2013


Well this week has been wonderfull!  Maybe wonderfull isn't the right word but whatever.  This week has been a week full of adventures!  Got to love those weeks right?  Man...Anyways...We have been teaching our new members this week about the temple and all of those wonderful things that come after being baptized!  They were both very excited about the temple and it is really cool to see the change in both of them as they keep progressing in the gospel. 
It has not stopped raining for about a week and a half here.  Like Florida rain.  Our area is now a beautiful lake...Our whole area....Of course I have pictures.  It is so flat here, that when we receive too much water, it builds up at the dam (not too far south from here) and builds up pretty fast.  We are now confined to Groitzsch because the roads are all covered in water (not kidding).  We can't leave Groitzsch and we had to get up super early this morning to go grocery shopping because everything would be gone if we would have waited.  It is apparently supposed to get worse and the water is now at 9 meters higher than usual.  It is supposed to get to about 12 by this afternoon.  We are waiting to hear if we are going to get evacuated to Leipzig or not.  Towns about 10km south of us have been evacuated and the water needs about 2-3 more meters to flood Groitzsch...we will see.

This was at the beginning and it is a lot worse now.  This is all over.  Our way home was blocked so we rode 2.5 hrs the other way in the rain on a dirt road home haha it was so wonderful!!!!

Sick right?  We said a lot of prayers that day haha

That is now our area :)  Talk to you next week!!  I love you!  Oh and read the Book of Mormon.  

Love you Bye!
Ich weiss es nicht ob ich versetzt werde.  Mahl sehen am Sonabend.  Bis nächste woche.

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