Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baptisms are so happy!

Baptisms are so happy.  I have a theory that it is imposible to frown at a baptism.  Totally impossible because of the insane amount of happieness.  It's like riding on a waverunner.  Yeah, try frowning on a waverunner.  Doesn't happen.

Anyways, Schw. Ro**** and Br. Me**** were baptized on Saturday!  It was all wonderful.  We put the program together and everything went fantastic.  The spirit was so strong and you could feel the love coming from the new members.  I'm glad ya'll got the video!  Robert showed me that and sent it to you and I hope you all liked it :)

Well this week has been the most stressed filled week of my life.  Not kidding.  Getting the ward to the baptism and figuring out a couple of problems with the baptism, moving the date to saturday 2 days before and straightening a few members out.  It all worked out in the end :)
Oh haha on Tuesday (just letting you know) I went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon for my shoulder because it's been killing and I can't really lift it.  It popped on Tuesday and it's feeling better since but it keeps happening.  Turns out, he thinks I have a genetic disorder where my ligaments that hold my shoulder into place are streched so my shoulder can move in and out of socket.  He did some stuff with my right shoulder (the left one is the one that hurts) and turns out the same thing is wrong there too!  So it is probably genetic somehow.  Anyways he told me I needed surgery and it would happen in America.  I asked him a few questions like if I would hurt it more if I just stay and be careful and he said it probably wont get worse as long as I keep it safe.  So I plan on getting a blessing this week and I will have to have surgery (so says he) sometime but not in these two years!!!  Heck no...but Elder Künzle has to help my put my coat on and my backpack on.  What a stud.  Don't worry I'll be fine with my Icy hot patches :)

Don't freak out!  It's not that bad promise.

This week we also had a lesson from Br. Burkhardt.  WOW.  This guy keeps pulling more amazing things out of his sleve.  We had a 1.5 hr discussion about random wonders that I had questions about and he answered all of them with out thinking twice...

Enrico and Brother Burkhardt

Elder Hays

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