Saturday, May 18, 2013

This mission thing is crazy . . .

Well this monday is a holiday in Germany so we are doing emails right??  This week has been so so so crazy...oh man...

So I will start off with wasn't too good.  We have a fantastic Bible hour and Herr Ap*** is there all being awesome and stuff.   Everything is going well so far then he asks us if he could tell us a story and we say yeah.  I won't tell you the story but Herr Ap** won't be getting baptized this next week...On the other hand.  Schw. Ros*** and Br. Mer*** are still doing awesome!  I really hope that they have really taken this seriously so that they can be strong members.

Wednesday we had district meeting in Halle with the Halle Elders and sisters.  We did a district finding afterwards and had some fun with that.  I really like Halle because they have a University there and there are a ton of college students and they are the people who actually listen to you.  I was on exchange there so I stayed overnight with Elder Brightenshine and Elder von Eida.  We had some good times.  We had a lesson with these hippies and ahh man was that sweet.  I love hippies...they look like that hardest kids in town but have the heart of 10 men.  It was cool to meet them.

Thursday was just a lot of finding in Halle with not too much success.  Walked around talking to everybody and nothin...

Friday I was back in Groitzsch with Elder Künzle and we got bikes!  Finally!  We still have a car but we have a limit on how many Kilometers we can go each month so we have now bikes to help us keep under our limit.  So Friday morning we start out on our bike adventure heading for Kitzscher (30 KM) (Take into mind that these bikes are basically two stone wheels and a steel bar inbetween them.)  Not the best in the market.  Well, after 2 hrs of biking we finally arrive in Kitzscher.  Our appointment falls out.  So we start on our way back to go to some contacts on the way back home.  We get about 5 KM and Elder Künzle's bike breaks down.  Dead.  We are in the middle of fields about 5 KM away from the nearest town.  So we called Enrico to come pick us up.  He comes and we through a bike in but can only fit one in.  So I hop on the bike and pedal home with Enrico and Elder Künzle in the car.  Ah man was I ticked.  I was about to throw the bike accross the freakin field but I just took out my whininess on the road.  Finally get home in time for language study and I'm done.  So we made a bowl of chocolate not a glass.  A bowl.  Like the one that Grandma puts potato salad in at thanksgiving.  Downed that in 3 sec.

Today!  Today was swell.  We had called a man named Herr Scho**** earlier this week and made an appointment out with him and he said of course!  We have lunch at Omi's and head over to this guys house in Zwenkau.  We pull up and he lets us in.  We then find out that he is a Catholic Priest.  I got so excited.  We had a super lesson about our church and what it is about.  Talked about why we are different and he said that it makes sense.  He took a couple pamphlets and said he would read them.  We will see what happens.

That was our week.  Not sure how I feel about it quite yet but all I know is I'm ready for bed.  I've never been so tired in my life doing this mission thing.  It's crazy.  Anyways.  I hope you are all doing well and If I have time on Monday I will shoot some pictures over.  Thank you for the letters!  I got them today and they really made my day so thank you very much.

I love you all!

Elder Hays

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