Monday, May 13, 2013

Pday after the skype

Hello familie,

It was so so so wonderful to see you yesterday.  I cried a little bit after but not too much!  You all looked wonderful and I hope that I didn't make you late to church.  Church is good for you.  Keeps you unspotted from the world.  yeah...

I'm doing well as you know.  Went to the gym with Enrico today!  That was amazing.  Worked
out for 2 hrs or so and also talked to this guy there about the church for another 30 min.  Good P-Day so far.  In an hour or so we are headed to Omi's to move some plants around in her garden and then probably clean up around the apartment.

I felt like I got to talk to ya'll for like 5 min but it was so nice seeing your faces.  I love you all and keep us missionaries in your prayers.  Keep me updated on how Hunter is doing as well.

Love you!!

Elder Hays

Here is the pic of the courthouse in leipzig.  Just sayin...if that is how big the courthouses are on the earth...I can't imagine the judgement table in heaven...ahh man...hmmm

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