Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Service in Groitzsch

This week...ahhh...man.  Well this week we did nothing but service.  I put on suit pants for district meeting and for Sacrement and that is it.  My shoes are now ruined haha.  Wonderful.  We have treaded through water and have moved people from houses.  Lately we have been told to stand by this huge container and our job is to take the stuff that people bring to us that was in there house that is now ruined and to fill this container.  The people bring trailers full all day long and that is what we have been up to.  It's been wonderful.  

Elder Künzle and I will both be staying in Groitzsch together!   Half of the ward came up to me and said that they were praying that I would stay...I guess I am doing something right. 

Ahhhhh NBA Finals...I miss it so much.  LeBron rocking it up though!  Yeah buddy.  

This week a  few of the ward members threw me a party!  Sweet right...We had it in Enrico's garten and they made me a cake with an edible picture of me on it like it was scanned on there!  How cool is that!  Anyways, the Elders and Sisters from Halle came and we had just a grand old time.  Omi told some more stories and it was fun.  

That was the extent of our week.  Today, Elder Baker is headed home and a couple of my friends are getting transfered so we all met in Leipzig and hung out for P-Day.  It was a blast.  I love the missionaries here!  So blessed to be in this mission.  

Know that I thing about you daily and you're in my prayers at night.  I miss you! 

the Elder Hays

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