Monday, October 28, 2013

Love it


I have neber bien zo tired im my life...I LOVE IT THOUGH.  That's the weird thing.  Missionaries say that you are never not just get used to being tired.  It's fantastic. 

The teaching here is going great.  I absolutely love teaching.  I am pretty good at it too!  There is not a better activity in the world.  This week has been a toughy, we have had a lot of appointments fall out and it just kills you when that happens.  You get all of your excitement up, get everything planned and then they just don't show!  The devil is a terrible person.  Bad.

It is very hard to make a difference in a ward like Dresden as a single missionary because of the quantity of people but the only thing we can do is try.  I have become great friends with Samuel and Luisa Schmitt and also Br Schmidt and a couple of other families but just trying to make my difference that I want to make.  

Know that I love you and think about all of you daily. 

Danke für alles was ihr tut und euren Gebeten.  Ich kann Die fühlen. 
Ich weiß das der Herr  uns lieb hat und daß er für uns da ist.  Wir müssen aber zuerst uns an ihm wenden.

Ich habe euch lieb!

Elder Hays

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