Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love for the Leaders in Dresden

D*** received the Holy Ghost this Sunday!  He was so happy.  Want to know what is really cool?  So he is learning German and it is really hard for Chinese people for some reason.  He had his test on Monday (the day after he got the Holy Ghost).  Take into mind that he has taken this test over 5 times and if he didn't pass this one, he would have to either go back to china or wait a year to take it again.  Well he passed it on Monday!  The score that you needed to get to pass was 76 points and he got exactly 76 points haha.  How cool is that.  He was just so amazed that God would help him so fast.

I*** C**** was also baptized on Saturday!  Elder Ashmead and I found her and we gave her to the Sisters to be taught and she was baptized on Sunday!  She asked me to baptize her as well!  After she came up, she gave me the biggest hug in the whole entire world haha.  So amazing.

This last Sunday was just a mess haha.  I cried a ton again.  I don't know what is wrong with me!!!!  During Sacrament Meeting we had our Ward Conference.  Our Bishop was released after serving 7 years.  To see a Bishop show so much for the ward.  Literally give everything he has for these people, to start crying on the podium before he even had to speak, hit me like a rock.  After he started crying, the stake president started crying.  Seeing these two spiritual goliath Germans to start crying killed me again.  The love that they have for their God and Lord was incredible and everyone knew it.  It gave me a testimony of the brothership and hardship in the leadership of the church here in Germany.  They grew up living in the hardest times, fighting to keep to their church and he could now say that he had "fought a good fight".  After that our new Bishop was our now former Ward mission leader.  While the stake president was setting him apart I could hear the President start to cry a little bit.  It then struck me that he was setting his little brother apart as the new bishop of this ward.  They were both in tears as they embraced each other in tears.  It showed me how hard it was for them as young people growing up but that they had made it this far and this close to their goal.

I love the leaders of our ward here in Dresden and I know that they are called from our Lord.
I love you!  Elder Hays

P.S. Totes went to the Temple today!  It is still awesome and even better in the language of Angels (German).

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