Friday, July 26, 2013

Family - Leaving Groitzsch - Hard to say goodbye!

Well this week was a lot of fun!  We taught a first lesson to a new investigator whose son just died and she loved it.  Hopefully Elder Künzle will be able to teach her more.

This week I learned a lot about eternal families!!  So happy.  At first I understood the basics about it but now I know every corner!  I haven't been more happier in my life!  It is such a wonderful thing to have.  Our succession to become a God must have a family in the methods.  If we don't have a family?  Our seed will stop because we won't have kids.  Therefore we stop our family progression.  If we have a family, be sealed in the temple as a family, we have the opportunity to become a God with this ingenious plan.  Eternal families will obtain the highest degree of the celestial kingdom because they have created an ETERNAL covenant and have made the most godly progression on the earth.  (To those who aren't married like myself, still have chances for 1000 more years when Jesus will be on the earth :)  I'm pretty sure he will have something better than  Anyways I'm so thankful that I can be apart of this plan and that my family can be together for the eternities and progress to become like our Father.

I don't know what else to write...I'm going to Leipzig today!  Taking some good pics and them I'm off!!!  Leaving Groitzsch.  Sad moment but I sent pictures to your email and you should have gotten them...

Oh yeah...I should probably tell you where I'm getting transfered to as a Dristrict Leader!!!  I'm so pumped!!!  I love you bye!

Elder Hays

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