Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey!!  So I'm in Dresden and I am really loving it.  My comp is Elder Ashmead from Ogden and we are really punching things hard.  We have a goal as a dristrict to have 6 baptisms this transfer (unheard of in Germany) and we have already 4 on a date so it has only been a week and things are seriously rolling here.  

I love being district leader.  It is a little more responsibility but it love it.  The people in my district are 4 sisters and 4 elders.  It is a blast.  We have so much excitement.  
I haven't had so much excitement on my mission as I do now.  These missionaries are so pumped and there are so many miracles happening!!  People are just popping up on the grid everywhere!  It is so incredible!  I love the feeling.  Right now Elder Ashmead and I are going through our area book to find some people who have already had contact with missionaries, hopefully they are still open.

This week have been a ton of stress with everything being here but I am enjoying it along the way.  

I love you guys!


Elder Hays

Here's my address . . .

Werner Str. 38
01159 Dresden, Germany

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