Monday, July 8, 2013

Missionary Work!

"We go hard here in Groitzsch!"
First off I want to say that Groitzsch sure does know how to do missionary work.  You don't know how amazing it is to have leaders who are driving for the same goal that we are.  It makes the work incredible and easier.  "If you have the desire to serve God, then you are called to the work".

This week has been great.  Today for P-Day we went on top of the courthouse building in Pegau and could see our whole area!  Luckily I didn't have my camera.  I will send one from Elder Künzle's.  This week we had a barbecue at Enrico's garden where everyone there except for him and us were non-members.  We talked with everyone there for HOURS.  They now know who we are and that we aren't just stupid kids running around going door to door.  We had an appointment today with a 19 yr today who we met at the barbecue.

This week the Holy Ghost and I convinced a Catholic Father that Jesus will reign on the earth and that there is a Spirit world where those who didn't accept the Gospel on this earth with learn it there.  He also accepted that there are different glories that we can achieve, depending on the development that we have done on this earth.

I've really been working on getting my Jesus Christ attributes down.  When we work on them everyday they work themselves in us.  They will stay longer without being forgotten and they will be recognized by the world.  The reason that we need these attributes is because they are the example that Christ set when he was on the earth.  Who is Christ? A God.  How do we become more like God?  Practice and demonstrate what He did.  I was thinking about what I need to work on the most and then I realized that I don't just need to study but I have the examples right in front of my face.  At home.  Dad is a perfect example of keeping balance between work, the Gospel and his family.  He sets goals and strives for what he wants, he loves his God and he helps us along the way to become our own person.  Mom is the perfect example of love and forgivness.  She doesn't think twice about something if it would help us kids.  Erika is the perfect example of determination and hard work.  She has goals in her mind to thrive in a world worse than Sodom and Gemorrah itself.  She stays close to her God who will shine the light before her face.  Trevor is the perfect example of joy and laughter.  "Men are that they may have Joy".  That is super important in this work.  Smile, laugh, through a six pack joke, and know that people are watching.  Kristin is the perfect example of charity.  I used to take advantage of this gift of hers when I would ask for help in cleaning my room but it is always there when you need it.  So grateful to have super examples right there at home.

The work is going forward, the Holy Ghost is touching hearts of men and Jesus Christ is coming soon to reign apon this earth in peace.  If you know the truth of the Gospel, like Paulos said that the gospel will be taught to the dead.  I promise you that every possible person will be called to that work.  If we have found salvation, we have no right to keep it from someone else.

I love you guys :)  My shoulder is long as I have the strength of the Lord I'll be just dandy:)

Elder Hays

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