Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter weekend...man...I love this time of year when we can just think of the Savior.  Germans celebrate Easter starting Fritag bis Montag.  So they add a couple of extra days because of how awesome it is.

The ward gave us sooooo much food...I think I gained weight this week which is good because I haven't stopped losing it until now!!!  We came downstairs to the church on Tuesday I think to print off a couple more invitations for a Bible Class we hold and Familie Bau***** was having a family party here and she ran up to us and gave us an array of different cakes...I about died right there...a half of a cheesecake with quark and about 3 more Kilos of random other types.  I am proud to say that we finished it off this week but we still have chocolate left over.  Germany is doing me well.  I hope you all had a wunderbarer weekend!  I did.  At church, we actually had an American missionary come visit his old ward here in Groitzsch.  He is from Springville and served here 20 years ago!! His last name was Magnum and he served Altenberg. It was so fun to talk to their family and get to know them.

One of our investigators said that I look like Justin Bieber this week.  I'm getting my hair cut today. 
That's all I'm saying about that.

Have you recieved my package yet??  I sent it like 5 years ago.  It should show up in the next day or two.  I am completely healthy now :)  YES i got your package!!!  Thank you so so much...it was perfect.  Just what I needed..

Not too much more has been happening around here...We have been doing a lot of finding and have had no luck this week at all with any new investigators.  We've given out a few Book of Mormons but hopefully something will turn out of it.  We actually have an appointment from a referral tomorrow!  We are excited about that because she sounded excited to meet with us so I will let you know what happens there.  Other than that...just a lot of finding! 

Here is a picture of Elder Fuller and I. We met up at Zone Conference. So great to see him!

Disney sounds like a blast and tell Grandpa Hays I saw a car here in a small little dorf, that had about 6 Miami Dolphin and 3 Miami Hurricane stickers on it.  I knocked on every house because I was desperately trying to find out whose car it was but without luck.  Here's a picture of it. . . .

I love you guys!  I can't wait to hear back from you!! Anyways, I love you and Happy Easter!!

Gruß von Deutschland!

Love, Elder Hays

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