Monday, March 25, 2013

Hallo Hallo!

Another week gone!  Wow time flies so fast here.  I really feel like I've been here for two weeks at the most.  I'm loving the work though.  We just got done doing some doors outside of Groitzsch which was our P-Day work.  It was good.  Today we went out to lunch with Enrico to this small town resturant in Groitzsch.  Soooo good.  I had some Gölasch and rotkohl.  Amazing food.  We also had some crepes with nutella in the middle...holy crap.  Anyways...I also sent you a little Easter treat today so hopfully you get it this week or next.  It takes about 6 days I think.  

STOKED for General Conference.  Who ever knew that we actually had a PROPHET of GOD on the earth today.  I was too "blind" to realize it before I guess but he is speaking!!!  Ahh mensch that's gunna be cool. 

I am now at the point with the language that I feel confident talking to anybody now.  Which is really relieving.  I realized it the other day.  So that's good. 
Had some caffeine today!  Man I miss that stuff.  You should have seen my door approaches!  I was on one.  Holy Ghost + Caffeine = INSTANT CONVERSION.  Through that stuff in Preach My Gospel, I'm telling ya.  

This is a picture of Enrico and I.  Coolest guy ever.  
Helps us with everything. 

It doesn't look like it but it is -2° C and tons of wind.

This week was the toughest week so far for me.  Well...I've been sick all week.  I had an ear infection/fever/head cold for about 4 days.  I didn't know what was up until like the second day when I realized there was blood coming out of my ears.  That was interesting.  Yeah, there is no doctor's office in Groitzsch.  Awesome huh.  I worked through it though.  We came home an hour early one night because I was just out of it but I felt really bad so I worked in the Area Book.  I hate the idea of not working!  Anyways I am just left with a cold now so all better!  I was sick but most of our appointments fell out aaaannnddd yeah it wasn't the best. 

A couple of things happened that were good though!  We made a little bit of progress with Peter.  He has been coming to church for centuries but can't quit smoking.  We have done everything the church has given us to do and nothing helps.  This week we finally broke though.  He finally said that he realized that he needed to stop smoking and we set a couple of goals.  We talked about the importance of goal setting and we got it.  I'll keep ya'll updated.  Herr Ha**** also made progress!  He has been meeting with the missionaries on and off since 05 so it was much needed.  Anyways we got him to pray in front of us and commited him to pray on his own!  He is very logical so it is hard to have a spiritual discussion with him but we got it to happen.  Those are the two miracles we saw this week.

It's hard work out here but those little miracles...make the whole world spin for us.  I felt joy for a total of 23.5 hours because of that experience.  (Dinner covered the other 30 min).  I love looking at the simple things in life and seeing literally the hand of God work.  I'm truly blessed to be on a mission and I don't want to be anywhere else right now.  But yes I love and miss you all very much.

I'll make sure to look for Erika in the Conference!  Güt gemacht!!

Everybody sounds like you're all doing good!  I sent you all a letter in the mail so you'll get it soon hopefully.   

I love you all!  Bis nechste woche!
Elder Hays

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