Monday, March 4, 2013


Well I'm just having some more night time tea!!  We just got done doing a few hours of doors in a little dorf called Profen, just outside of Groitzsch, and guess what?!  We found a little family that is interested in the gospel!  It was so nice to actually talk to somebody haha People aren't nice around here and they just aren't open to religion.  Most of them.  You can really see the people who have been prepared by the Lord.  Anyways, we are really excited to teach them.  

This is Omi.  She is 92ish and lives alone.  She is so amazing!  We eat with her every week.

Right now we have 2 people on baptism date this month and yeah!  We bring in about 2-3 new investigators a week here which is a really good week in Germany.  

This week I went on an exchange with an Elder Hunziker, who is serving in Leipzig our zone city (from Provo, UT).  He is my zone leader and it was a great day!  Leipzig is a bigger city so there are actually people on the street; anyways I ran into this guy who was stuck in some gravel with a trailer and a van, so we ran over and after a few minutes of pushing, we got the van unstuck and talked to him about the gospel, anyways he was really interested!  Elder Hunziker is keeping me updated on his progress and he is doing fantastic.

The language is still coming.  I'm understanding people more but you really don't get the chance to just talk to people in Groitzsch.  Just the first sentance a lot haha.  I love the people here though, they are all fantastic.

Elder Guccione is still rocking it and we have kind of gotten our grove as a team which is really cool to see work!  

This picture of me in front of that huge church is in Leipzig when I was on exchange.  I'll send a few more...don't you worry.

It sounds like everybody is doing good, besides the sicknesses, that's terrible!  I luckily haven't even caught a cold yet.  

Oh yeah, I eat turkey breasts, veggies, egg whites and AMAZING bread :)  and then whatever the members feed me.  So much good food here and I have recipies!

I Love you!

Elder Hays

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