Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking spiffy and loving German food

Well Hi...what should I say?...The food here is so gooooood...We ate by a few members this week and holy cow that was amazing.  We had this German version of Pineapple chicken and also some awesome yogurt stuff called Quark.  Anyways, it is just awesome.  We eat at the bakery a ton.  It's so so cheap and so so good.  The bread here is my favorite thing in the world right now!  Anyways....but I really didn't come here for bread so I'll talk about missionary stuff now I guess.  

Elder Guccione and I gave 2 blessing this week (and yes I did participate).  It was so cool because we gave a blessing to a non-member and she felt so good and so awesome afterwards.  She was completely astonished by the blessing and how she felt!  We asked if we could come back and teach her more and she said yes and she will cook for us!  2 in 1 yeahhhhhh buddy.  It was really cool to see the power of the Priesthood.  

This week we also went by Herr H--------- who is in the long term care and is so so nice.  He reminded me so much of Grandpa John, just talking and hearing some of his stories.  Can't wait to go back and get more aquainted with him.  I didn't want to leave but we had to go to another appointment.  It was really funny because he was trying to speak some english with us and all he could get out was "English is cool" haha it was awesome.

The next day I went on exchange with Elder Baker from Leipzig who is my district leader.  He is just awesome and we both went down to a town in our area called Altenburg.  We found some new investigators there and are going back on Thursday which will be cool!  Altenburg is the biggest city in our mission so we would like to work more there, but it's hard because the church is in Groitzsch and it's a 30 min drive to church which is hard for a lot of Germans because they don't have a car.  Soooo  we will have to figure something out I guess. 

Highlight of the week?  Elder Hunziker (my zone leader in Leipzig who I was on exchange with the week before) told me that the Lebanon guy that we found with his van stuck is on a baptismal date!  How awesome is that!  That got me so so excited.

Abendbrot is amazing.  So Germans don't have dinner.  They have Abendbrot which is just an array of cheese, butter, AMAZING BREAD, and meats of all different kinds.  Anyways every sunday we have Abendbrot with Omi and it's so so fun and delicious. 

Not too much more to say but that I love you!!  I'm working as hard as I can and I'm enjoying every minute.

viel Liebe,
Elder Hays

"And yes I bought a cardigan"

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  1. hearing your weekly reports. I smile the whole time I read them. I am glad to hear you are eating some of the bread! Gotta live and enjoy the life that is before you.... even if it means eating the bread that you would probably never eat at home! Have a great week!