Monday, April 29, 2013

Guten Tag

I just got back from the zoo here in Leipzig with our zone!  So much fun.  It is supposedly the biggest zoo in Europe?  Not sure if that was right but it is freaking huge.  

Bet you're wondering if I'm getting transfered or not...I'm staying in Groitzsch!  Elder Guccione got transfered to Neubrandenburg though, so I get a new companion tomorrow!  He is from Switzerland!  I'm pumped to see how he works.  This week was really good. 
We got Schw. Ro**** baptismal date moved to a date that she isn't so busy on and we actually made out 2 more baptismal dates for that date also!  We could pretty well have 3 baptisms on the 23rd of May!  That would be amazing.  In order for that to happen, we just have to keep them coming to church so that would be really cool to see that. 
Happy Birthday Erika!  I get to skype you guys in a couple of weeks so I will see you then but just a couple of more days!

Here is a picture of me,  Elder Guccione & Br. Heynold.  Brother Heynold is so amazing.  He has had so so many struggles through life and has had so many different things happen to him that are incomprehendable.  He was pretty low in December this last year and Elder Guccione and I started working with him when I got here and he has left everything behind and has really devoted his days to missionary work with us.  He comes with us sometimes the whole day to work.  He now is incredibly strong in the gospel and has goals in life.  

Brian is now in the Stake Presidency!  Wow!  That is so awesome!  Doug also going into the High Council.  Awesome!  It's so awesome how strong our family is in the gospel.  I'm so blessed for the many examples I have!  

Well I am now the man in charge of Groitzsch.  I just barely got done with the training this last week and now I am teaching others about the area and what's going on.  It is kind of scary but I know that I can do it.  I have some plans of what I want to happen and then it's goin down!  

This is a pic of Thom and I. We are totally best friends!
This week I have read a lot in revelations and really wondered about the things dealing with the last days.  I studied forever.  Long story short I decided that even though it would be really intresting to know, we really can't understand it at all in our human state.  Even if God would give us more information, we wouldn't be able to understand and just be confused.  I decided that I would just read the BOM because it is so simple and beautiful that anyone could understand it and know the way to live with Heavenly Father again.  So grateful for the Book of Mormon.  

Great week this week.  I love you all and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

Love, Elder Hays

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