Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello Hays Familie,
Como estas...

Sooo this week has been one of our better ones!!  A good week always comes after a tough one right?  Anyways it's been good.  We had been trying to work with the members this week and have gotten to just about every less-active, non-member and member in our area.  We have recieved a ton of referals and look to be getting more!  We have return appointments with about 5 or 6 of the new referals and 2 of them are new investigators with progression!!  It's exciting to see.  It's just always important to look on the week before and see, reflect and change what could be better.  We have been doing that better and have seen a great difference in our spirits. 

Schwester Ros**** is still on her baptismal date for May 4 but we haven't had time to meet with her this week because she has been out of town babysitting so I hope that she can make it! 

We have seen a ton of miracles this week.  I feel so blessed to be here.  OH!  I cut my own hair.  That was interesting.  Tons of fun too.  Don't worry!  I have pictures.

There are a ton of Jehovah's Witnesses here...HOooolllyy crraap.  They bug me soooo much.  I don't know what to do.  They are taking our doors!  They are freaking agressive with the people too!  So when we come by to the door, the people think that WE are jay dubs and SLAM.  They're killin me...I gotta say that I love John and his revelations but they are taking the man WAAAY too seriously.  It's okay...they are nice and have faith in Christ...which is good...they really gotta cut it out with taking our doors though...

We have a New Member who was recently baptized and we gave a lesson this morning about an eternal family and she is looking forward to go to the temple with her son soon!!  Sweet yea?!  The spirit was so strong.  I'm grateful for the Eternal family that I have.

CEDAR CITY TEMPLE!!!!!!  WAAAAAAAAAA?????  That's so so so so cool and I'm so so so jealous that I can't be there...That will be so cool to have there. 

General Confrence?  Immer wunderbar...I loved President Monson's talk about Obedience and also the talk by L. Tom Perry (the guy is turning into another Holland).  He has a sweet voice of THUNDER. 

Yea Jared!  That's so sick!!!!  AHHHHH  I've been praying for him everynight...That makes my week.

Well that was our week.  I probably am getting transfered this next transfer because Elder Guccione just got called as District Leader so I might be getting kicked out, but who knows right?

I love you guys! 

Elder Hays

PS...Totally saw Erika rockin the Choir spotlight!!!  Good work.

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