Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013 Two weeks until Berlin

Wie geht's?  I'm doing well!!  I have a pretty bad cold right now but other than that good.  First off I wanted to tell you that I canceled my doctors appointment because I felt it wasn't needed.  I hate the thought of not leaving when I'm supposed to.  And yeah, when that lady called mom on the phone to ask you about the insurance.  I was right there!!!  I almost jumped over the desk to talk to you but after a long debate with myself I decided against the idea.  Yeah about my shoulder...It keeps on coming out of socket (3 times) and it hurts a lot but I feel like I can help it myself if I don't move it places out of the ordinary and if I do some physical therapy exercises that I know.  It is already feeling better this week which is good.  I don't know why it keeps coming out though.  It's weird.  I can do push-ups but right when I start running or something, it kills.  Oh well.  I'll be fine, promise :)  Thanks for the care package!!  I am now proud to say that I have the biggest smart water on campus and so I've been called a genius by some.  It's been kind of a tough week but today isn't so bad.  Just trying to get things done ya know.  I'm supposed to sing in the choir tonight but I don't know if that's going to happen because my throat is shot haha.  Gotta love it baby.  
We are expecting our flight plans to Germany tomorrow!!  Ahh this has to be one of the most exciting times for the life of a missionary in the MTC.  I'm really pumped. 
2 weeks from today I leave!!  It's crazy I know but I couldn't be more excited.  How are all of you?  Thanks for the letters, they really help.  Food always helps because all I will eat in the cafeteria is salad.  I miss you all so much!!
Jenz and Michael are well!!  They are both getting baptized either this weekend or next!!  That's exciting.  Elder Gheen is doing good also.  I have got him to talk more:)
My motivational scripture for the week is brought to you by LDS Family Services....nah....but I found this scripture in 2 Corinthians 12:10 which is amazing....read it, and love it.  I love adversity!!!  I love pain!!  I love it because I know when I feel those things the Lord WILL lift me higher. 
Well I gotta cruise,
I love you all!! 

 Elder Hass and Elder Hays
Love Elder Hays

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