Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013 Aufweidersehn

Oh Hallo,
Not much to report on but only that I'm leaving for Germany baby!!  Yeeaahh Man...I couldn't be more excited to get our there.  The plan that we have been told what we will do there is that we will arrive and go drop our stuff off and then they will give us a few Book of Mormons and they will set us on the city center to work!  Talk about getting thrown into it right??  Crazy.  Well I have purchased a pre-paid phone card and just letting you know, you have to answer right when I call or else I can't call again.  Dad mentioned a prepaid phone, and maybe that would be better but anyways I will tell you my flight plan.  We leave Salt Lake at 9:36 AM on Tuesday, fly to Boston and arrive at 4:07 PM their time.  This is probably when I will call so maybe just be ready during that time if you can??  I dunno.  I will call inbetween 2:15 and 4:00 Utah time on Tuesday afternoon.  After Boston we fly into Amsterdam and have a two hour layover and then to Berlin!!  Yeah buddy!!  How are all of you?? I hope you are well.  I'm doing fantastic, and am learning tons everyday.  The German is to the point where I'm very confident to speak and have no angst (as you would say in Germany).  
Do you have my talk from my farewell?  If so I would like that pretty please :) Gracias.  Not much goes on here at the MTC so I will have better things to write in a couple of weeks.  I'm healthy and still losing a little bit of weight but that's okay ;)  I'm growing in the Gospel and couldn't be happier :) I miss you all and bid you aufwiedersehn.
Immer mit Liebe,
Elder Hays

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