Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013 Umkehr

 Sister Ashcraft

Elder Cameron

Today is our P-Day so that is nice.  I have my coat in a box and a couple other things that I don't think I'll need.  Should I send it?  I think it would be pretty expensive.  I'm not sure what to do but I will try to find out a way.  Anyways I can't wait!!  For class we have been practicing doing door approaches and bus approaches and it's been pretty fun!!  We have received some pass along cards which will be nice to have.  I'll probably have more to talk about then but I just can't wait.  
I spoke in church yesterday in front of about 100 people and gave an 8 or so minute talk!  It was so amazing.  I fasted all day yesterday that we could work diligently these last couple days and be prepared for Germany; I've never been so calm during a talk!  I spoke about repentance, and the experience that Alma the Younger had with an angel and I also tied that in to the worth of a soul and how that it is our job and mission to give EVERYONE a chance to hear the gospel.  I really like the word in German so so much better than english; the word for Repentance is Umkehr and it literally means to stop where you are, turn around, and go the other way.  It's an awesome word in German and there are so many other words just like that, that explain better than english.  Anyways awesome pictures!!  I miss you guys a ton.  I hope you are all doing well and I really can't wait to call you!!
I love you all and stay by that phone tomorrow!!
Immer mit Liebe,
Elder Hays
Ich bin sehr begeistert zu nach Deutschland fliegen!!  Ich liebe euch!!
The picture is of Elder Nielson and I.  He is a good friend of mine here!

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