Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello Hays Family!!!

Well it's a New Year and....yeah that's about it!!  Exciting right??  Yeeeaah...
I hope you are all doing well!!  I am doing fantastic but freezing!! I can't imagine what Germany will be like!!  All of the older German speakers left for Germany this morning which is amazing and I'm very jealous but my time will come.  I hope you all had a great Christmas!! I did and I told you about it in the last email so I won't anymore but that it was great!

The German is improving everyday!!  I can almost hold a full conversation in all German!! It's truly amazing!! It was really funny.  So this week for a workshop, we had to teach about hope in english.  Holy Crap...I had no idea what to say!!  I had forgotten how to speak in English!!  I have spoken in all German for the past 3 weeks.  It was so so hard.  Anyways I thought that was pretty funny.  I will tell you about my investigators!!  Currently Elder Gheen and I are teaching Michael, Herweiss, and Jenz.  So far things are going awesome and we have gotten Michael from not believing in God to reading the Book of Mormon and praying to Him so things are on the right track.  Herweiss sucked up our message like a vacuum and he is going well haha.  Jenz we just started teaching and he is doing well and is falling in love with the Book of Mormon!! It's a great feeling to be able to teach these people because I know that there will be many like them in the field!! 

This past week my emotions have been spiking and falling like they used to...I'm probably going to ask for a blessing from my district.  I gave Elder Gheen a blessing a couple of weeks ago and maybe he can give me one this week.  I am really grateful for the teachers here.  Most of them have only been off their missions for less than 6 months.  They carry the spirit so strong and Brother Handley came up to me and was so sincere asking if I needed anything and to pull him aside and ask him if I ever do.  They all make my day everyday.  They are the only thing we have besides our district for interaction throughout the day and they do a fantastic job.  

One thing that I'm really grateful for here is prayer.  We pray constantly, about 15 times a day and it has blessed us.  You can tell.  I want to challenge that whoever gets this email to pray to our Heavenly Father with ANY question.  He is there for us and a prayer can last 30 seconds if needed.  We need to go to Him more.  At least please pray with your family at night.  With that you can create a connection every night.  

I want to challenge you with one more thing.  Read 3rd Nephi: Chapters 11 and 12.  They are amazing and talk of the Doctrine of Christ.

Thank you for the support and I love you all.  I'm doing great :)  Promise!! 

Oh yeah!! I'm district leader.  I'm excited for this calling!! 

Last night before the other Germans left they called me to be the overseerer of the German language here at the MTC.  They gave me THE Book of Mormon of the Germans and the rubber band ball the size of my head.  I will need to pass it on when my time is done here.

I love you and have to get off!! 

Love Elder Hays

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