Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

OHH Heey,
Well...It's like 5:59ish and I've been doing laundry for the past hour and I'm about to fall asleep in my chair...I'm sure I look fantastic as well haha.  
Anyways Hallo!!  How are all of you??  I really appreciate all of your letters!!  They make my day seeing a letter from meine familie.  I still haven't gotten one from a certain sister who is about mid teens.  Here is my condition; no letters?  No chocolate...BOOM.  Better write me soon for the rich, savory taste of swiss and german chocolate.  Anyways I miss all of you dearly and hope Kristin has recovered well.  How is Trevor's basketball?  I miss watching him play!! Ahh!! 
I'm doing well if you're wondering.  Just, you know, servin the Lord and stuff.  It's great fun and hard work.  This week my district and I have hit a couple of brick walls as we learn new and hard principles in the German language.  Our teacher related this to the story of Nephi.  Nephi and his brothers went in a few times to the house of Laban and the first time was chased out, second nearly killed and were robbed and third?  Nephi goes boss mode and the Lord delivers Laban into their hands.  If they would have given up on the first or even the second time, we wouldn't have the bible, book of mormon, a prophet, and the probably wouldn't have come to the promise land and we would have grown up in Serbia.  Sweet right?  No but it's all because of Nephi's persistance in obey the commandment of the Lord and finding different routes to go about this need.  He is a great example to me and I rely on this story to keep me going everyday. 
I think everyone is about done with the sickness now but we still aren't allowed to shake hands which sucks because that's about the only contact we have with other human beings here.  It's okay.  We still hug in our classroom...but then everyone bolts for the hand sanitizer...just in case.  I apologize for not having any cool pictures for you here.  There isn't too much to take a picture of here.  I got a hair cut though!!  I'm gunna have to say it wasn't bad!!  I'll send some home when I go to Germany.  Maybe.  If you're lucky. 
Ahh the Temple was so amazing.  I've never felt the spirit of the Lord so constantly strong in my life.  It was an amazing experience.  We completed 13 endownment names!! Yeah buddy.  That was probably the highlight of my week and we get to go again today!! So stoked. 
Well in the MTC, we have fantastic teacher.  I love them all so so very much.  Our class has about 4 different teachers that help us.  Brother Wright, Brother Alston, Brother Handley, and Brother I forgot his name...Anyways they are all awesome.  Brother Handley is exactly like me.  He has really taken me in and befriended me and gave me the drive to keep pushing.  I am so very grateful for the ways he has helped me here.  I owe a lot to him. 
If you're wondering what I do for gym and stuff then too bad!  Just kidding I have developed a great love for the game of Basketball.  I play everyday and there are some really good kids here!!  I am improving which is good.  They have a few weight machines and I use those for about half of the gym time while the other half I play ball.  I haven't changed weight at all which is good.  I have managed to keep what muscle I have so far.  I have no clue what will happen out in the field though.  My diet is still the same as always.  Good old chicken and salad!!  Gotta love it baby. 
Half way done with the MTC!!  Yeah buddy.  Can't wait to go to Deutschland!! Ich liebe euch.  Und ich weiss dass das Evangelium wahr ist.  Have a great week.
If you want to respond to this email I will check it again later today. 
I love you all so much and hope you have a great New Year!!
Immer mit Liebe,
Elder Hays
PS thank you so so so so much for getting that coat sent...

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