Monday, September 29, 2014

Small Branch in Rostock

So I have this feeling that my letters will become shorter and shorter haha.  I'm sorry.  I'll see you in 2 months!  That's nuts right?  Elder Bean and I are doing well.  He is from Idaho Falls. 
We do a lot with the less actives here in Rostock and they are all just amazing.  We have a great time together and they have awesome testimonies that just need a little help.  It is hard to go to church in a little branch with 10 people including the missionaries.  I understand that definitely.  We are trying to help them keep the commitment that they made to God at their baptism. 
We are in an crazy internet shop and this guy is just screaming while he is playing a game.  Sorry if I don't finish a sentence of something.  I have to duck in order to dodge him throwing stuff around. 
We had district conference this last weekend so we went with a less active to Neubrandenburg and we had a great meeting there!  The meeting really was great and the spirit was really strong.  These people go to church in a little apartment building above a grocery store here in Rostock.  It is an interesting experience and a tough one as well.  I love the challenge though and also the example of these faithful saints here. 
I like a quote from Elder Bednar that I heard this last weekend.  It says, 'If we do the same things over and over again, we will always get the same results'.  If we do things forever and expect different results then we are crazy.  We need to be constantly changing and trying new ways and use the inspiration of heaven to lighten new paths. 
Wir sehen uns :)

Elder Hays

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