Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

It's like the super bowl but BETTER.  A spiritual hammer to the face. 

This week was good!  A***, our progressing investigator, came to general conference and watched a session.  We also had a couple of friends we made here watch it.  Most of the sessions though, were just the missionaries and a member named Victor.  It was a blast though. 
We did a lot of service this week in a couple of gardens.  We helped the branch president in his garden by picking all of his apples and gathering them up so that he can make apple juice!  Good stuff.  We also went to Br. Sepp's garden and helped him take a couple of trees out of the ground with a couple of shovels.  Reminded me of construction again.  Gotta love it :)  We taught some good less active lessons this week as well!  We gave a couple of blessings to the sick and had some good weather. 

A friend of ours named E***, invited us to come play soccer with her and her friends!  We had a great time getting to know everybody and had some fun at the same time.  We got to talk to E*** a little bit about the General Conference and she ended up watching some of it which was awesome to hear.  She bakes AMAZING food.  She baked us some chocolate muffins which were DIVINE. 

We had a good lesson with a less active member who was baptized a couple of years ago.  We showed up to the appointment and she had brought a friend with who was also an inactive member!  We had a great lesson about why the Lord allows us to have trials in this life.  The friend of the inactive member who was there to visit gave pretty powerful testimony of it as well!  I was so suprised and happy.
I am doing great!  Learned a lot of things that I need to improve on from General Conference.  I set some goals and have repented to reach those goals that I need to achieve.  I have really held fest to my blessing from Br. Packard.  Half of my blessing is focused on my mission and what I will do here.  Everything has fufilled itself.  Perfectly.  My mission is not over.  I am very tired haha but we are working hard here.  I love it.  I can't explain everything I have learned here.  How I have changed!  I guess you will see soon, but the Atonement made it possible.  It allows everyone to change and to become like God. 

Elder Hays

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