Monday, October 13, 2014

The Sacrament

Man I really need to send some pictures...I'm  sorry.  I loved the picture of Uncle Bryan in the background at the temple haha.  I bet that was a great day!  Thank you for sending me some pictures.

So this week we had Zone training meeting which was great.  We talked about the goals that we have until the end of the year and our mission has the goal of 125 baptisms here in Germany.  Last year we had set the goal of 150 and it went really well.  Although we didn't reach the full number last year, we improved and got better numbers than we did earlier.  I really support this goal.  I trust President Kosak and I love that he helps us as young people to go to the Lord and to find out ways to reach such high goals.

I got to bless the Sacrament yesterday.  It really humbled me....I can't really explain how it did but it did.  Earlier that morning I wasn't looking forward to church so much.  For many excuses, someone could decide not to go to church in a small branch.  (No friends, so excitement, all older people, 5 people at Sacrament meeting)  There are so many excuses!  But no reasons.  The reason I wanted to go to church, was for Sacrament meeting and for the taking of the emblems.  I went into the bathroom and washed my flat face and changed my attitude.  I can ruin my Sunday but I'm not going to ruin Sunday for all the people here who sacrifice coming to church, even though there are not many people.  I was then asked to bless the Sacrament.  I was overcome with complete joy.  I couldn't stop smiling!  I was so thankful to be there.  The Lord taught me something very important yesterday that I will never forget because I felt it through the Holy Ghost.  He taught me that I am not just there for me, or just for the investigators or just for the members.  I am there to 'lift where I stand'.   If there is a 5 year old in front of me, I am going to make his day.  If there is something to be done I will do it without question.  If I need to benefit from the Sacrament this week I will focus on my repentance during that time.  I will carry a smile on my face because I have the gospel.  Through the gospel I can CHANGE.  Be better.  I can shrug off mistakes and move forward knowing that Someone stands to my side at all times.  Sometimes we need to be thankful.  Then the Lord will give us great joy.  

I love this scripture...Romans 12:21

So we got lost this week in the middle of nowhere but I will tell you that later because It's not important haha.

We have a steady progressing coming from our investigators.  We are doing our best and finding and teaching but nothing huge this week.  We found an awesome girl who we will be teaching this week.  She is a college student here.
I love you :)
Elder Hays

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