Monday, October 27, 2014


Well, Elder Bean leaves to go home tomorrow!  I follow his footsteps in just 5 weeks.  It is super weird but I don't think about those things :)  Well sometimes but only at nights!

Great job Kristin!  I heard you did wonderful.  I'm super proud of you and I can't wait to take you to practice again! 

Sorry for giving you a heart attack mom haha.  This last week my shoulder has been hurting super bad.  I didn't do anything weird either!  It just started hurting really bad and I would wake up in the night because I moved it wrong or something I don't know but I wouldn't mind getting it looked at when I get home.  It  has been better the last couple of days.

We have had really good appointments this week!  Our investigators are improving and learning.  Once my new companion comes in, we are going to focus everything on our finding.  We just need new people to teach.  I am really going to give it all I have got these last few weeks.  I'm never going to have this ever again!  I have to use this time. 

This week on Sunday we had our first eating appointment since being here!  It was fun and good to meet the family a little better.  At church, a kid walked through the door and I totally recognized his voice.  He was from Dresden!  11 year old Felix from Dresden was here with his sister.  He booked it down the hall to me and he sat next to me during the whole meeting :)  He is great.  I will send a picture this week. 

We helped a member clean up his garden a little bit and he was so thankful.  He is such a great guy and helps us a ton.  It was great to put your hands in the dirt as well haha. 
We also meet a really cool guy this week named F___ who wants to meet.  He just barely moved here and is excited for us to come over on Friday. 

I will see you soon family!

Elder Hays

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