Monday, September 8, 2014

Transferred to Rostock

I got transfered!  I am sad to leave Neukölln but I'll go, where you want me to go, dear Lord'.  It was great to give my testimony and then to go give a blessing right after, and then going to eat with Bishop's family, and then going and having a great lesson with N***!  N**** is doing great.  We baptized him on the 1st of June and he has recieved the priesthood, comes to all 3 hours of church since his baptisms, is giving us referalls, is bringing less actives to church and is just so strong!  I'm so proud of him.  I am heading up to Rostock.  It is up on the edge of the Baltic Sea.  I'm excited!  I will be serving with Elder Bean and it will be his last transfer on the mission.  We will go hard :)  

Wanna know why I think the Lord sends prepared people to us? Here's why...So we talked to this lady on the street about a week ago and made out an appointment with her for Sunday at 16.30. Up to this point we had no joint teach and we knew she lived alone. A baptism was taking place at our church from Tiergarten. We ask her if she wants to go and she had no objection. So we take the busses to the church together and show up to the baptism. Well, it starts and they start speaking SPANISH. I can understand spanish but what about the investigator sitting next to me?? I look at her and said I had no idea that this was in spanish and she replies,'I speak spanish'. I was blown away. It was a really pretty baptism of a little spanish girl and our german investigator could randomly speak spanish. It was really cool...We gave her a book of mormon and then found out that she had already read it in english and she asked for one in turkish, so we gave her one in turkish (she was born in germany and grew up here speaking german but grew up in a turkish family and can therefore speak turkish). She said she will read it again and that we can come by with another friend next time so that we can come in :)

2 more transfers's nuts. 

Elder Bednar is coming to speak to us on Saturday!  That will be pretty cool.  I can't wait.  It's like the Super Bowl for missionaries but BETTER. 

Well, I bid you all farewell and until next week!

Elder Hays

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