Monday, September 1, 2014

Reading the Book of Mormon

So...This week...B*** is getting baptized!  That's exciting right?  I mean, that's why I came out here?  :)  It's always awesome to have a baptism and to see people change in order to be able to be baptized. 

I finished reading the Book of Mormon in English this last week and started in German and am on schedule to finish before I come home so we will see.  It is cool studing the Book of Mormon in a different language because you see certain phrases in a different perspective.  It's awesome.  I actually am almost to 2nd Nephi in Spanish as well! (got it back). 

Have I told you I love Elder Christensen?  Yeah, He's great.
So I wrote a REALLY big story about how we got an investigator to come to a baptism and about the baptism but then the computer deleted it and my draft wasn't saved so I will type it up next week and send it to you. 

I will tell you about J**** though.  He is an African preacher and is INTENSE.  Think about having someone quote to you the bible from memory at the speed of Bethoven's 5th.  We had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon with him.  He would quote some truth from the Bible and then I, and Elder Christensen would quote something from the Book of Mormon and he would be like, 'Whoa'.  That's just like what it says here!  I gotta read this book!  

It's a lot of fun teaching him because I get to talk like an African preacher too.  He responds to it really well If you can picture me doing that.  I get a kick out of it. 
I love you family!

Elder Hays

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