Monday, July 7, 2014

Lots to get done

Germany is still playing soccer and we hear a lot of the BOOM haha.  Even though we don't watch the games...we still know the score, how much longer the game has and who is winning just by looking out our window or while walking down the street.  A peculiar people.
I sent you pictures!  We went bowling on Saturday and that is a picture of all the missionaries in Neukölln and the Bishop's daughter Julia came along.

In the Book of Mormon I am learning more and more about telling people about the truth with love and boldness.  I am learning more and more about how the Savior did it.  How He was really straight up with these people that He loved so dearly and that is what it comes down to.  When we really love these people, we would tell them.  We would bare testimony to them.  I bore my testimony on Sunday and really emphesized baring testimony to friends.  I told them how I felt and the spirit confirmed what I said.  I told them that I don't want to show up in heaven and have someone come up to me that I had met here on earth and say,'You knew?  Why didn't you tell me?  I was your neighbor and you didn't say anything?'  That right there would be hell for any person.  It is important to have friends here on earth and everything and to have a good time but if you think about the goal of our Heavenly Father...His work and goly is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  THAT'S ALL HE DOES!  He works to save all of His children.  Are we hindering?  Do we want to be His helper?  Sometimes we are so worried that we are going to offend a friend or an aquantance that we don't even save them.  Our Father in Heaven works day and night for our salvation by giving people chances to share the gospel, giving trials so that they might search for a God, sending angels to preach the everylasting gospel, comforting the saddend and sorrowful, and loving us enough to do it eternally.  Do we want to play a part?  We can do more.  I can do more.  Be that angel.  Be the person that when somebody needs help you don't think twice.  Have enough love for someone to tell them about the gospel. 
We had a great eating appointment yesterday with a family where the parents are active in the church but the 3 daughters are not active.  They believe in Jesus Christ but don't do much to follow Him.  One of them comes to church maybe once every other month.  We came in with a lesson but at the last minute we decided to change it.  Our only goal became the point that they just need to feel the spirit.  The way we did that is by teaching about the healing and love of Christ.  We commited them to pray as a family but before we did that we asked what that would mean to them or what are their thoughts to praying as a family each night.  Instantly the mother and father started crying and saying that it would be like old times and that they would love it.  The daughters started really crying and I started crying (the poor boyfriend had no idea what was happening and was more uncomfortable then a turtle at a nascar race track).  We all felt the spirit and gave testimony of Christ and how He can help us with anything.  We commited them to pray for themselves.  We also commited the father to take us to one of his friends to help clean up his yard.  It was a great appointment because of simple, doctrinal statements, confirmed through the power of the spirit.  

We have a lot of meetings this week and an exchange so our week is already packed haha.  Lots to get done.

Love, Elder Hays

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