Monday, June 30, 2014

Elder Hays here reporting for duty

Hello Familie.  Elder Hays here reporting for duty. 
This week was great!  I will tell you about a little miracle that we had this week.  We had a great referral yesterday from a member out of Lankwitz. She called us about a week ago and told us about this appointment yesterday and said we would be doing a stop smoking workshop. We headed there after our eating appointment and the man named R--- ended up bringing 2 friends with! One of them had already meet with missionaries before and had interest. We went and sat in a park, everybody was looking out their windows so we prayed really loud. We then started in. One of the friends of Rene named Tino said he didn't want to pray because he didn't believe in anything. He was on the bench about 3 meters away just listening so I went to talk to him as Elder Lloyd and the member were conversing with the others. He actually did have interest about the church and had a great desire to quit smoking as well. He will be calling us this week to come and check out the church and then we will all meet again next Sunday to discuss smoking more fully and start the 7 day plan. It was really cool.
We had a few good appointments happen this week where we taught the first lesson and they loved it!  A problem is, is that 2 of these people live out of our area so we have to give them off to other missionaries here soon.  That's a bummer but at least they will be taught. 
I have really learned a lot about the Atonement and Discipleship lately. I have been reading the Book of Mormon on the topic but I have also taken a couple of talks off of and have listened to them while getting ready for the day. It has really helped me realized what is needed to step up to the plate and to really follow the Lord. I love in particularly John 8 and how bold the Lord is. It is just like Alma and Almulek and also what Elder Holland said about defending what you know and your faith. I really am going to be working on becoming more bold in my everyday work but also topping it with a cherry of love. Sometimes the phrase,'What would Jesus do?', doesn't always bring the sweetest answer. He called people to repentance. I will do the same :)
Yes mom I say my prayers everyday and brush my teeth. 

I love you!
Elder Hays
Elder Hays lives next to a field with horses:)

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