Monday, June 23, 2014

Fast timing

Another weeks is vorbei!  It's crazy.  Gotta love how fast time goes by right?  I don't like it.  But I will have to deal with it. 

Do you want to know what I LOVE?  I'll tell you...Alma 5.  I read it over and over and I love it.  It just calls you to repentance and I feel and recieve so much personal revelation each time I read it.  It is the time in life where you evaluate yourself.  You have learned so so much up to this point and now you come to Alma 5 and you ask yourself questions and realize you have a long way to go haha.  I think that is really important in life.  Like I mentioned before, time just flies by; if we aren't paying attention, we will miss everything.  It is important to take time and to evaluate yourself towards Heavenly Father, your family, your friends and your personal progression.  It slows down time and helps you realize not the exact steps that you need to take but HOW you need to take them and make them more effective.  Like President Uchtdorf said, don't sleep through the restoration because we just go through the motions.  ( I love that we have apostles.)

This week we have been teaching a guy out of Greece and is doing well!  He is our next potential baptism here but the one step he needs to make is to find the time to come to church.  He is just so busy with work and other things that he doesn't have the time.  What is cool is that he is quiting his job soon because he is sick of not having time :)  Gotta love how the Lord works, and it just shows us that we need to kick it into gear now because now he will have the time to learn about something that will bless his life. 

N______is doing great after his baptism.  He is integrated in the ward and is loving it all.  We are still visiting him every week with his home teachers and he is still progressing like he should. 
So this week we are allowed to watch the USA vs. Germany soccer game which will be interesting.  We are going to a member's house to watch so it will be fun.  I don't know if I completly like the idea of doing this as a missionary but now that the members know about it, we are tied haha.  They are excited that we can come.  Even though we are allowed, I feel like it's not something that I'm supposed to do...who knows.  I will try my best to live up to my purpose when I'm there. 

Doing well :)
Love, Elder Hays

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