Monday, July 21, 2014

Preaching Mode Engaged

Well C____ was baptized on Saturday and got the Holy Ghost yesterday!  It was great.  She was super scared but she did great and really had a great experienece.  She has been investigating the church forever. It was really good for the ward though. 
We had a good week this week.  We found some new people and we had a great time teaching some new people who really want to learn about the church!  Fought with a couple of interesting people about the Book of Mormon.  It was great.  Fun stuff.  He called us the devil and that didn't fly by Elder Lloyd and myself so we brought the sword down...with love of course :) 
It has been so so so hot lately.  We are dying.  It is so humid and the sun is always out but guess what?  It doesn't matter because there is italian ice cream here.  BOOYA.  Top.  Anyways it is supposed to rain this week somtimes so we will see how that goes.  Ich bin gespannt.  Many missionaries are going home in these next couple of transfers.  I know NOBODY who is new.  It's terrible but true.  All my good friends will be heading home within the next month so that's a bummer...but good thing I didn't come on my mission to make friends with americans!  I came on my mission to make friends with wierd people who for some reason don't ever speak German, and guess what is wierder...I LOVE IT.  It's a ball.  I love the people here and enjoy every bit of my time here ( when it's under 30°C).  :)
We are memorizing scriptures as a mission here and I am really enjoying it.  I am up to about 20 scriptures and I can't get enough of it. 
Turning 41 is a big age watch out!   °_°     Your son is passing you up but good thing grandpas don't pass 41.  I miss you a ton and am so so grateful for all that you do for me and for my family at home!  I can't wait to see you soon and to watch some football :)  It'll be a blast, lets be honest. 
I love you all and send my love out of the ghetto of BERLIN.  A demonstration happened this week.  Soo much fun when that happens...not.  Preaching mode engaged...
Love (you), Elder Hays

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