Monday, July 28, 2014


We got to play soccer today with all of the missionaries here in Berlin.  So so much fun.  We had a blast.  Nailed a sick bicycle kick and had 3 of the 8 goals.  We destroyed and now I have serious dirt on the North Berlin Zone Leaders!  I am proud of my missionaries. 

 It was great seeing Thomas.  We had some American breakfast at European prices and then just chatted for a while.  It isn't too long before I will be home!  I might not come though.  We will see.

Thomas is our Family friend who was traveling to Berlin on business.

Elder Hays and Elder Lloyd

So we have two investigators who want to be baptized on the 23rd of August.  They are both progressing pretty well and we might bump one date earlier.  It is awesome because when I first got to this area we had nothing and now it is booming.  The Lord has really blessed us. 

Elder Lloyd got transfered to DRESDEN!  Trying to take my city??  No, I am super happy for him and I know that Dresden will love him.  I get to train a Zone Leader who is a transfer behind me.  I was thinking about it the other day.  I have only had one comp, outside of my trainer who was older than me on the mission!  I have been working with younger missionaries the whole time and I can't tell you how grateful I am to do that.  They teach me!  I don't do much in that process.  They take stuff that I have and then push us both to that next step which has been such a blessing.
I will probably end my mission here in Berlin but we never know.  I have 3 transfers left, which is crazy and sad. 
I would love in my package....definitly quest bars...those work wonders when we don't get all of our fiber in as missionaries...if ya know what I mean...other than that I don't think I have anymore requests...I still have nuts from the last package and eat them slowly but regularly :) 

Just keep sending pictures and videos as well!  Those would make my day...

I love you!

Elder Hays

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