Monday, August 4, 2014

So many people to baptize in four months.

Four Months is FOREVER!!!  I have a long time here till I go home and so many people to baptize! 

I love it.  Elder Christensen is my new Comp!  He is a wonderful person.  We get along awesome and he is just super smart and I am very excited about that.  ¿Sabía usted que puedo hablar español?  It's true.  Totally had a conversation with this guy about the gospel at church on Sunday.  El Evangelio es la verdad!  Das Evangelium ist der Wahrheit!  The gospel is the truth!  Watch out book of world records!  Elder Hays almost has 3 languages down! Jk, I really said like 3 words to him and then I forgot so I talked to  him in German but IT WAS COOL ANYWAYS!  

He had a good week of finding this week...even though we had like NO time this week to do anything.  On Tuesday we were at the train station all day, getting missionaries to their assigned stations.  On Wednesday we went finding with all of the brand new missionaries that arrived that day!  (So cute).  On thursday we had district meeting and then planning. On Friday we had a day long meeting for the Zone Leaders and then the rest of the weekend we did a lot of planning for the Zone.  FUN.

I hope you are all doing well.  Keep an eye on Trevor.  He might get drafted into the army because of his immense studlyness. 

I am going to show Elder Christensen a little around Berlin today so it should be fun.  Oh yeah!  Sister Seamons is in my district!  Right when I met her she said she knew my family haha it was so so funny.  I just was so surprised.  She is doing well and is working awesome here.  

We got to meet Sister Seamons before she left.
She is from American Fork and great friends with our neighbors.

Love you!  Thank you for the bars!

Elderly Hays

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