Monday, January 6, 2014

Transfered . . .

I don't know if I want to tell you where I got transfered to but it will be a new experience:)

I get a Swiss companion again!!!  I am really excited about that haha and he is younger than Elder Young is on the mission which is awesome as well.  I am still district leader over 2 other Sisters and a pair of Elders.  I am in the west part of Germany which will be really different! 

For the new year I have set a lot of goals.  I have a vision in my head of who I want to become and what I want to be at the end of my mission.  I have written a list and have set goals and plans to reach these attributes.  

I feel like I have a lot more to do in Dresden but I have been called somewhere else and I will go there.  I will miss the ward a lot and I cried all of Sunday in the meeting which was terrible.  A lot of people came up to me to wish me farewell but I got a few people to cry haha not really but I saw it in a couple of peoples eyes.  Maybe I was just dreaming but I had a great relationship with the young men.  Elder Young and I were with the young men for priesthood meeting every week.  The youth here are so strong.  They all talk about missions, saving up for missions and the whole round.  That is the only thing on their minds and I am so proud of them for it.  They are a great example to me.  I love them so much and will miss them with all of my heart.  A lot of families here really 'lay on my heart' as you would say in German.  

I am going to..........where am I going?  Um......oh yeah to the church today but I leave tomorrow morning!  At nine in the morning here...Crazy huh?!  

Okay...I can't help it anymore....IM GOING TO PINNEBERG-HAMBURG!!!!!!

Allllll the way across the country haha.  I am really excited.  I will be able to ride with missionaries the whole time there in the train which will be a blast.  I can't wait.  

Until next week!  I don't know what else to write...

We had a fun New Years Eve!  We went to a members house and had a huge dinner, sung and played games.  We then hiked up to the top of the hill and watched fireworks until we had to go home but at like 10:30 at night, Samuel Schmitt called and said to look out side of our window.  He was standing there with a couple of other members and his wife and started of this huge firework show!  Okay fireworks in America are lame...Germany does it right.  Everything is completely legal here.  They go so high, run into buildings and just EXPLODE it's a blast.  

I love you and Happy New Year!

Elder Hays

Side note . . . Our Bishop served in this exact same place. Pinneberg in a fairly small town a ways outside of Hamburg.  Here's how he explained the pronunciation . . .

Oh, and Hamburg is pronounced “HOM-burg” (the first syllable is emphasized and rhymes with Tom) – only the “u” is a bit rounded – more like Hambourg – and the “g” is between a hard “g” and a soft “g” – kind of like a hard “h.”  (Might take a little practice J but it’s a beautiful word! J)

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