Monday, January 27, 2014

Settling down here in Pinneberg . . .

Well Tuesday we taught our new investigator Frau F*****.  She is great and we taught for a good hour and a half and she just soaked it all in.  She is about 60 or so and is pretty intrested.  We had a older sister in the ward as a joint teach and she did great answering questions about the priesthood and relief society.  At the end we showed her the family history center and everything.  She was super excited about that and we have an appointment with her this next week doing family history work and talking about the temple.  

We are fed really well here in Pinneberg.  We have a good 4 eating appointments a week so we are always full.  That is good because I am down to 158 pounds.  Crazy huh haha.  Thank you for sending the protein and know that it will be put to good use.  I just have to put some strength into my shoulders so that they can be more supported.  

We had 8 appointments fall out this week which is never fun so we did some finding in the area.  It has been -18°C the last couple of days during the day with the wind coming as well from the ocean. 
We found another new investigator this week, his name is N*** and he is 18 years old.  We set out an appointment but it didn't go through so we will go by and teach him and his family this week.  

We have 3 or 4 people now who are on the track for baptism which is good.  We just have to take them the next step in the conversion proccess which will happen here soon.  

This week I went on exchange with Elder Bendixon from Penn.  He is serving in Altona, Hamburg right now so that was a lot of fun!  We taught their baptismal date for Feb 8 and he is doing super great.  

On Saturday, we had another member lesson with a family who is great.  They speak Spanish, German and English.  We talked about goals and how we tie that in to making ourselves better servants for the Lord.  It was good.  We asked our Bishop to pray and give us a couple of areas to work in when we have finding time so we will be dooring those areas and do some finding there.  

We had a good Sunday meeting.  Hadi from Dresden moved into the Altona ward but wanted to come to my ward so he met us at church haha.  He is super awesome!  He is from Iran.  I have a couple of picures with him in Dresden.  

I am trying to be a 'consecrated' missionary.  One that is focused and loves the work.  My success is measured in my commitment to the salvation of souls and I can take that feeling a step higher this week.  

I love you!  Thank you for your support and everything that you do!  

Elder Hays

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