Monday, January 13, 2014

First week in Pinneberg

Okay so I will start with the beginning of the week.  So for the rest of Monday after we wrote emails, we all just hung out at the church, played pingpong and wrote goodbye letters to all that were leaving.  We then went with the Sisters 2 to Is****'s house (the lady I baptized in September) and had a little testimony meeting with her and her children.  It was great but terrible leaving.  We had family home evening that night so we went back to the church and sung as missionaries a couple of songs and then said our goodbyes.  Sister Rasmussen and I at least because we were the ones leaving.  It was so so sad to say goodbye to such dear friends.  I was excited thought.  The city of Dresden also took a part of me.  I feel so so blessed to have been able to serve there.  D*** had us over for dinner and it was super good!  

Dienstag:  Got to the train station at 8:00 for my train to Berlin at 9:00.  We took pictures, said goodbyes and then Sister Rasmussen and I were off to Berlin Hauptbahnhof.  We had a lot of fun just talking about Dresden and how much we will miss everyone.  She has become a great friend of mine since I have been in Dresden with her for 4 transfers.  She will do great in Berlin Marzahn area.  We got off the train in Berlin to be greeted by sister Rasmussen's new companion Sister Woodward.  Sister Woodward is great and she was in Leipzig when I was in Groitzsch.  We were also in the same group coming out but she was fast tracked.  Sister Ricks was also there as her temporary companion.  Sister Ricks and I were in the same district when I was with Elder Künzle.  She is also a great Sister.  We then booked it up flights of platforms to the ICE trains (the fast ones :))  I got on, said last goodbyes to the east and my good friends and put my bags in the baggage place.  I then was l then was looking for a spot to sit when I saw another Sister at the other end of the carriage!  It was Sister Turner who was on her way to Hamburg as well and will be in my district!  How cool!  Her companions were waving goodbye so I ran over to say hello and It was Sister Ahrenholtz!  She was in my district in Dresden for 2 transfers!  So much joy on such a sad transfer day haha.  Sister Turner enjoyed chatting about our families on the way to Hamburg Hbf.  

We were then greeted by Elder Duff (was in my first district in Leipzig) and Elder Duncan and Sister Bradshaw (from Cedar City).  We went down the platform and met my zone leaders, Elders leuning from Canada and Elder Cannon from...I don't know but I will let you know when I do.  Sister Bradshaw, Sister Turner and I then caught a train heading to Pinneberg.  They got off at there stop and then I got off at Pinneberg to meet the rest of my district Elders Bendixon, Miles and Burri.  Elder Burri and I headed home to plan that night and also had an appointment with a less active member.  

Wednesday-Friday: Planned, had district meeting and worked :)

Elder Burri from Switzerland

Friday Night: I went on exchange with my zone leader Elder Leuning.  He was a MMA fighter back in Canada and is just super great and a really humble guy.  As we are walking home, we talked to 3 people and 2 of them listened to the first lesson and accepted Book of Mormons!  It was a start to a great exchange.  Went back to the apartment and met Elder Schmidt (from Alpine) and Elder Sufiert (from Brazil).  I also knew Elder Sufiert ealier because he was in the same zone as I was in Dresden.  On Saturday, we went out to an eating appointment that we had and had some super spicy chili but was way good.  We spent some good time in the bathroom that day.  We then had a couple of meetings, appointments fall out and did some Train finding.  It was a great day!  Found 2 new investigators and 1 contact for them!  

Sunday:  Went to church and was immediately welcomed from the ward.  Bischof Dannenburg is a great leader and was super nice.   I really miss Dresden A LOT but I really like the ward here. They were all very welcoming and very nice. I got up in church and decided I would give a very bold missionary testimony. I said, 'Elder Burri and I work really well together. We will find people and we will teach people. We invite you today to help in this effort. Find people, bring them together with us and we can both teach people. I promise you brothers and sisters, if we come together in unity of efforts, we will see baptisms here in Pinneberg.' The Bishop came up to me afterward and said that he was super excited that I was excited and that we have that expectation.  It will be a great transfer with people coming to the fold of Christ.  

That was my week in a nutshell.  Got lots done and now time for another :)

I love you!

Elder Hays

Kind of amazing to think that Elder Hays is serving in the same German town that his Bishop served in 1986

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