Monday, September 16, 2013


I want you to know that I truly feel the power of your prayers.  I see them everyday.  Sometimes as diciples of Christ, at the end of some days we really feel like we walked off of the battle ground of war.  We get really spiritually beat up, shot at, hit, abused and sometimes killed. I was thinking about this the day before yesterday and I was asking myself, "If I can dodge a punch in real life, why can't I dodge a punch from the spiritual adversary?"  I came to the conclusion that with a lot of training, practice and wisdom, a soldier could withstand anything thrown at him because he will expect everything and be ready for it.  The more we spiritually train ourselves to get faster, jump higher, and gain wisdom, the more ready we will be to hit the ground without a doubt or fear in mind.  The more ready we will be to, not exactly fight back, but to dodge these things that the adversary throws at us.  The better we get at doing this, the better we will be able to help dodge these malevolent blows.  My point that I want to say now is that your prayers are the things that give us armour.  Your prayers send Angels of God to stand on the right side and the left side of us.  Your prayers give us the will power and the bravery to lead these languid people to the God that created them.  We feel your prayers so thank you.

This week has been a good one.  The member work has really started to blow up and these members are really prepared for this.  The problem that some members have is that they think that they have to somehow convert their friends.  This is not true.  This is the reason why we have missionaries.  The only thing that the members have to do is really just get the friend and the missionaries somehow together.  Whether that be a dinner or a bowling activity or if that be an invitation to church.  The only thing that the member has to do is to create a social relationship with the missionary.  The missionary will then introduce the spirit of God into their lives, which taste is more ambrosial as any thing you could ever conceptualize.  We walk around all day trying to construct a social relationship with someone we met 7.5 seconds ago and try to gain their trust, so that we can share something close to our hearts with them.  All the members have to do is cut this step out.  They will already have this social bond with friends and future friends.  After this is established, then we come in with an invitation to learn more about their eternal Father.  

I am so excited for him and I'm glad that he is excited as well.  He will be such a great addition to this ward and we actually may be starting a chinese branch here in Dresden.  That would be really cool.  The rest of my mission will be preparing these members and commiting them to bring their friends to come to Christ.  I don't know if I will be able to see the fruits of this work that we are starting on my mission but the years after will definitely see them.  I can't wait for it all to come forth.  

Well I love you all and hope that you have a peachy week.  


Love, Elder Hays

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