Monday, December 9, 2013

Sunday was amazing

Sunday was amazing...I feel like everything is just working out like the Lord wants it too and He has finally shown me what His plan is.  It's great to be in touch with Him :)  Bishop Menzel gave a great message about the princlple of Christmas.  In short words: feed the hungry and clothe the cold.  Investigators came, in-active member reactivated (Family even) and hearts touched. 

I am glad that you all got my package that I sent!  The chocolate is great in Germany haha.  I actually went to a family's house a while ago and they gave me Hershey's chocolate.  That was just a terrible experience!  She asked if it was good 'to have a little taste of home' and I told her that it was delicious of course but....ewwwwww.  I'm sorry but I lied to her.  I repented :)

I have studied the 4th Chapter in 2nd Nephi this week.  Basically what happens is that Lehi dies.  I have no idea what he could have been feeling to have his mentor, father, teacher and prophet die before his eyes.  As this was happening, he realizes that he is the one who has to carry on this great legacy of faith and trust.  Pressure?  Probably not a good enough word to describe his feelings.  I basically put my self in his shoes and have studied this for hours.  Nephi is a great example to all of us in the way of faith, dilligence and forgivness. I will just write you what came into my head for myself as I read these words:

Are not the ways of God great?  His knowledge and glory, does it not exceed the highest mountains?  Does it not carry love in the morning wind?  Does it not ascertain itself as rain falls upon the humblest faces?  How blessed am I, to recieve blessings enough to augment my understanding.  Sin surrounds the saints of God like wolfs surrounding an unsuspecting sheep.  The world around me functions in the ways of man; chaos, war, divorce, hate and bitterness cuts the thread that binds you to the threshold of Heaven.  I know who I put my trust in and I will stand upon the rock of Emmanuel, for He is truly with us.  I have felt the pains of sin and have seen the flesh fail.  I know the power of the devil and his wishes, for I have seen his animosity.  I have felt the love of God.  He has lifted me to mountains where I have sung praises in His name.  I have prayed with all of my being in the salvation of my brothers and sisters, and have wrestled with the spirit for justification.  I have seen, heard and felt many and marvelous things; He has heard my cries.  After all that He has done for me; all of the blessings; why would I give my soul to the lusts of the flesh?  Why do I let room in my heart to commission evil to enter in?  Why am I mad because of the enemy?  AWAKE MY SOUL!  Do not sit any longer in tribulation or sadness.  Rip off the gravitaion that contrains me to this world.  Let my heart appropriate joy so that evil can have no place there.  Don't be mad because of the enemy; permit no influence.  Don't let my strength disintregrate because of blinded eyes.  Oh Lord, dress me with the robes of rightousness!  My life is built upon your rock and your rock only.  I don't rely on the arm of flesh but on the principles of viture and devotion.  Cursed is the person who puts his trust in the flesh.  Lift me up oh Lord, so that while I am here in Germany...I can grasp the hands that need grasped, fill the hearts that need filled, and love the soul that needs love. 

That is a rough draft of MY 2nd Nephi 4.  :D

We will see eachother soon!  I will use a ipad so it will be over face time okay?  Can't wait :)

I have studied a lot more I promise but that is what helped this week.  I hope you all had great birthdays!  I love you and am grateful for your prayers. 

I love you!  Elder Hays

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