Monday, August 5, 2013


I LOVE DRESDEN!!  It is so amazing here.  People stop and talk to us all of the time and actually want to have a conversation!  It is so cool.  We had a night where we got out of an appointment at about 8:20 and had another 30 min or so to go contacting.  I swear...those last hours of the day when you just want to go home are the times when miracles happen.  We walked down the street, spoke to everyone and 100% of the people like 10 people, stopped and talked to us!  It was so incredible.  They listened which was just amazing in the first place.

The Zone Leaders, Elder Stoddard and Elder Stephens are incredible examples to me.  We all live in the same appartment together and have a blast, helping each other and keeping each other super pumped and excited to do the work of the Lord.  Something that I have learned here is that exact obedience is really the key point in seeing true miracles happen.  It is something that we allways need to work on but it is always possible to achieve.

It is those small miracles that we see everyday that keeps us going.  That night that we talked with all of those people at 8:30, among those people we met a young lady who was about our age.  She was incredibly gorgeous but she looked so so sad.  Elder Ashmead walked up to her and I told her that we are sharing a message of joy.  After seeing a lot of markings and cuts on her body and her looking so depressed, she stated that she didn't know much about God but would start to think about what she believes and give us a call.  After that I could just see so much pain in her eyes that I just bore my testimony that she has a Heavenly Father who loves her and He wants her to just accept Him.  She gave a little bit of a smile after that and I knew that God had let her feel something.  I'm so grateful for a Father who loves me.  Who wants the best for me.

Anyways I'm glad you all met up with Samuel!  He is such a stud.  The ward here is amazing and the work is going forward like a legion of a nintey thousand horses being riden by captian Moroni and the stripling warriors.  They can't be stopped!

We always make jokes that we are going to just tackle people off of the bridge into the Elbe and say the prayer as we are falling and just baptize people.  Sick right?

I will send pics tonight hopefully:)  I love you guys!

Love, Elder Hays

P.S. I sent a letter back to Erika right after I got it and I got Kristin's letter today.  Thanks!!

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