Monday, August 19, 2013

Germany is doing well . . .

How is the desert these days?  I hope Utah is holding up good without me.  Germany is doing well!  Birds singing...people laughing...especially the drunk ones but it's good!  The weather right now here is just awesome.  It a bombing 26-39° C everyday with rain twice  a week or so.  Oh yeah...with 80-90% humidity!  White T-shirt contest anyone?  I would win with the combination of sweat and rain.  So much fun.

We met with Samuel yesterday and he gave me the package that you sent.  Thank you so very much!  That is everything that I wanted and you sent the right book :)  

This week we found 4 new investigators!  They are all awesome and progressing!  We found this one girl doing doors who is about 18 and super interested in what we are talking about.  When we found her, we had already passed out our Book of Mormons that we had and we didn't have one for her.  Before we left, we told her a little about it and what it is about and she told us to bring on for her mom as well!  It was so awesome.  We made a return appointment and gave her the two books, told her a little bit more about them and they will be coming to church this next week and she is also bringing another friend with who is interested in the gospel.  She said that they have been going to a baptist church in Dresden, trying to search for the truth but without luck yet.  I got such a big smile on my face and told her she is about to feel the presence of Heavenly Father in her life more than she has ever felt before.  (Sorry for my terrible english)  Anyways I will update you next week on how she is going.

We have another investigator named Deng.  Deng is Chinese and is sick.  (sick as in cool).  He is progressing slowly and he came to church yesterday and saw one of the Sister's investigators named Lin (who is just gorgeous) and said he would get baptized if she would haha.  I told him that if he kept coming to church, she will be here.  (We will work with him :))

Members from Groitzsch called yesterday and they all are really missing me there.  I miss them too a lot.  I hope they are all doing well and stay alive so that I can visit them after my mission.

On Saturday night we went to meet with one of the members who is in the bishopric named Marco S__ who is just amazing.  He is fresh off his mission from Greece and has a couple of daughters already.  Anyways, he loves the missionaries.  I bore testimony and shared the story of Peter and the Christ when Christ came back after 3 days and called on Peter from the beach.  The Lord asked Peter 3 times if he loved him and Peter answered every time in the affirmitive but probably a little scared.  The Lord had taught him so many things that he should be sharing with these people but he and the other apostles went back to fishing.  Sometimes we have all of this amazing information that everybody in this world needs but we don't share it with anyone and we just go back to our daily fishing or work.  The Lord is asking us if we love Him.  Do we love the Lord as much as this?  I sure hope so.  If we do, we need to feed His sheep.  

I guess that Br. Schultze really liked it so he had me share it in church the following day in sacrament meeting.  I have not felt the spirit more in my life and I thank the Lord for that experience.

I love you guys :)

Elder Brandon Hays

Answers to questions:

Day to day we have appointments with investigators and in between we talk to as many people as possible; in the train, subway, bus and on the street.

I usually eat bread with a piece of cheese on it haha some meat sometimes too.  We don't have a ton of time.

We get fed by members once a week if it's a lucky week.

We get around everywhere with street cars, like the ones in san fransisco, and busses and trains.

We knock on doors every day :)

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