Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Going Hard in Dresden

I feel like I sat at this computer yesterday.  Wow...Dresden really went hard this week.  We really have felt a new motivation and we are seeing miracles.

Yesterday, I was on exchange with Elder Stephens.  My Zone Leader.  We had an amazing exchange full of running and finding.  We found 2 new investigators and made out 5 appointments in 1 day!  We talked literally with every person, crossed streets, ran after people and scared a few people but nobody was injured.  We were invited by this man into his party which was full of drunk men and women and dog?  Anyways, I gave like a Sermon on the Mount to these people even though they didn't take anything really, we got to answer some questions.

I was sitting next to this lady on the bench, talking about her grandma who just died and like 10 people started surrounding me.  I taught about the plan of salvation and they all listened!  To be honest it didn't end up to good and we ended up running out of there pretty fast but it was fun!  We decided that we would follow every single little prompting we felt to follow, and we did!  Sometimes you feel like you aren't being prompted but I promise that you aren't listening hard enough because they are really there.

Today...We went to the temple!!!  Holy cow it was amazing.  It felt so good to go back to the temple and experience it in Polish even!  That was interesting.  We had headphones for german though.  I got to talk to the Temple President for a minute and he was just great. (Brandon went to the Freiberg Temple.  They switch languages every week).

I'm going hard.  I'm so ready to put everything into it.  Throughout your mission you really realize that there is always room to improve and it never stops.  You can never give enough.  Every day you go harder.  You think of a new way to help.  You find a member who has wanted to come to church but just moved here and didn't know where it was.  When you "go hard" what I really mean is using time effectivly to the second, talking to that last person before you go home, sharing an inspiring message to a family who will now next week, be having us meet a friend of theirs, because we are trusted by them.  The work is charging forward like a ticked bull.  Plowing fields and piercing hearts!  Sorry that wasn't probably the best example but it works.

I love you all!

Love Elder Hays

PS...Chocolate was on sale this week....send money...jk

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