Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Hey family you will probably get this email before the letter I sent you yesterday but I will let you know what else is going on while I'm here!! We are allowed to email because it's Christmas Eve!! Boo Yaa!! We have a special devotional tomorrow and Elder Nelson is coming to speak!  We are so excited!  I can't wait to hear a great apostle speak.  Last night we had a fireside and the speaker talked about repentance, more importantly holding grudges.  He said that the repentance process is really important and all but once that is finished we need to be able to forgive ourselves!! This really impacted me as I have been holding a grudge against my selft for months about somthing that I had repented for long ago.  I was instantly relieved and had the spirit of the Lord confirm that I had made that mistake.  I'm so grateful for His love for us.  After the fireside we went in and watched a re-run of Elder Holland's talk about loving your missions.  He speaks so powerfully and with the spirit.  He mentioned so many great quotes to us.  I would like to share a poem with you that he told from his wife.  (God speaking to two missionaries) "'Come to the edge,' 'no we will fall,' they said.  'Come to the edge,' He said. 'but we will fall' they said. 'COME TO THE EDGE' they went to the edge, He pushed them, and they flew." Such an amazing story that we can learn and apply every day to put all of our trust in God because he knows us much better then we know ourselves.  2 weeks down!! Woo!! Can't wait for Germany!! 
Oh and before I forget to tell you mother, my coat is good but it's not as warm or as good as quality as we had previously thought...One button is almost off and I've used it 3 times...maybe we can arrange for the one we got at Calvin Klein again?  I'm sorry but I just am cold here in it and I don't want to imagine what it would be like in Germany. 
I hope all is well and I thank you for the many treats and presents!  I loved all of them and can't wait to open the stocking on Christmas morning!!  I sent my letter yesterday and I hope you get it.  This Christmas we need to think of Christ's Atonement.  I wrote a talk for Sacrament Meeting and I mentioned that it means "AT ONE".  Since that fall, man has spiritually died.  We need a mediator (The Savior) to be able to return to the presence of God.  Jesus Christ is that mediator.  He paid the debt that we owe to God and we somehow have to pay that back to Jesus Christ in everyway possible.  In our love to our fellow men, our obedience to His commandments, follow the Spirit, and feasting on the words of Christ. 
I challenge you all to read all of 3rd Nephi this Christmas.  At this time, Christ visits the Nephites in the Americas right after his death.  It's weird to think that at the time of Christ's birth, only a few in Bethlehem knew.  Over in the Americas, Samuel the Lamanite foretold the birth of Christ so when these signs came to pass, the Nephites were astonished!! They fell to the Earth.  I challenge you to read that and pray as a family to know of it's truth.  Also a great passage is in John 3:5 about the Savior's Atonement.  
Thank you for all of your love and support.  I'm doing great here at the MTC and can't wait for Germany!!
Ich bin dankbar immer für das Sünopfer von Jesus Christus und ich liebe ihn. 
I love you all. 
Elder Hays 

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